Rabbit’s Hoard, Track your sex toy collection

If you’re like me, and have well over 150 sex toys; it can be hard to keep track of your collection. In the before times, it was not uncommon for me to order a new dildo, only to find out I already had that size and model, so it just sits in the bag it came in.

So like many nerds, I built a website to keep track of my collection, and not just my collection, a inventory of all sex toy makers (at least the furry ones) models and sizes. Now I can not only track the toys I have, but the toys I don’t, and need to buy.

Rabbit’s Hoard currently tracks almost 600 different models and sizes from many different manufactures, and can sort them by dozens of different measurement types.

Want to know the Biggest Knot on a toy? That would be Bad Dragon’s Dexter toy at 14 inches around.

Longest Horse cock? Exotic Erotics, Double-Ended Amir at 24 inches long, OK that’s cheating, its double ended. Then its Exotic Erotics Jackson at 21 inches of meaty horse dong.

The column button above the table allows you to show and hide columns based on what dimensions you care about, then by clicking on the column header, you can sort the table.

Still very much in development, and with new toys being added all the time, this site should provide a ongoing list of toys, even after a manufacturer has discontinued the model.

To keep track of your own collection, You can create an account and add toys to your personal “Owned” and “Wish List”

The site still has a long way to go before being production ready tho. Its currently hosted on a very under powered development server, with no SSL cert, So if that concerns you, don’t create an account.

Other ToDo Items include.

  • A user profile page, both private and public options – to show off your collection and brag.
  • Add images and Buy Now links (hopefully with affiliate links)
  • A Better design, The current one works well, but isn’t very fancy, Maybe rebuilding the front end in React, or Angular.
  • The never ending addition of more toys, Who would have though that there were so many horse toys out there.

If you know of any companies or models we’re missing, Feel free to let me know!

P.S. No this does not mean this site is back and will be updated with any more regularity, I just wanted to post something about the new site I’m Building.

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