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Wuffamute Best K9 Ever!

The Wuffamute is by The Best K9 toy I’ve ever used. I was never a big fan of the k9 style toy; blunt head, nice shaft, unreasonable knot. But the Wuffamute toy stands head and shoulders above the rest (and I dont just mean because its huge XD.)

Wuffamute Toy Collage
Wuffamute Toy Collage

Description from the Website.

Living proof that a pedigree is overrated, this mutt certainly knows a few ways to bury his bone and takes the term ‘Doggystyle’ to an entirely new level! With its tapered glans and head, rippled knot and the specially designed ridges that help pull it all in deeper, this toy is sure to challenge but make those adventurous enough to fit it all howl in delight! Take it slow, or ride it hard, he’ll be there every time to push you to new heights of pleasure!
Pup Dimensions:
Total length: 10 inches
Usable length: 9 inches
Head insertable: 5.5 inches circumference, 1.75 inches diameter
Next bulge: 6 inches circumference, 1.90 inches diameter
Knot width: 2.5 inches diameter at the widest point
Knot length: 3 inches
Price: $50
Adolescent Dimensions:
Total length: 12.5 inches
Usable length: 11 inches
Head insertable: 7.0 inches circumference, 2.3 inches diameter
Next bulge: 7.5 inches circumference, 2.5 inches diameter
Knot: 9 inches circumference, 3.0 inches at the widest part
Price: $100
Wuffamute Dimensions:
Total length: 15.5 inches
Usable length: 14 inches
Head insertable: 8.5 inches circumference, 2.7 inches diameter
Next bulge: 9.5 inches circumference, 3.0 inches diameter
Knot width: 3.85 inches diameter
Knot length: 4 inches
Price $150

Info on the company:
I’m really digging the guys over at Exotic Erotics, They make really good quality toys, and there price are reasonable for the size and process that goes into there toys. This company makes Live Casts of horses and Mold there toys from that, it’s all the fun of bestiality with out the stigma. I don’t know if they offer this, but every equine live cast toy should come with a picture of the horse who models for it. I’d frame that picture and tell everybody that even though I’d never have sex with that horse; I could totally take him. And as an added bonus, all toys come in there own decorative bag : P

The Wuffamute comes in 3 sizes, Pup, Adolescent, and Full. I own both the Pup, and the Full; I hope to get the Adolescent some time soon, but we shall see. As I said at the top, The Wuffamute is the Best K9 Toy I’ve ever used. Each of the 3 sizes has roughly the same shape, just the over all size got changed. So think of it as beginner, intermediate, and omg you can shove a car up your butt.

Most toys can be broken down into 3 sections, Head, shaft, and base/knot.

The head of the Wuffamute toy is a little big for the toy, losses some points with me there. I like a toy that’s easy to start with lube up shove in. With wuffamute it takes me a little work to first get it in.
The shaft is great, just enough shape so you really feel it, and enough of a difference between the head and knot that you can tell where you are on the to easily, in my opinion, its a perfect shaft.
The Base/knot, and with this toy; boy is that ever a knot. The Wuffamute has a two tier knot system, its much more noticeable on the full size toy, but doesn’t present a problem.

Added bonus:
Like many people, I enjoy watching porn while playing with toys, And much like the toys based on porn starts manhood. The Wuffamute toys have plenty of furry porn to go along with his toy. More uniquly hung furs need to do this, NachT, Gorath, I’m looking at you guys.

In short, If you like the K9 style shape in your dildos, want to try knotting, or just really like all of his commissions, This toy is the perfect addition to your collection.

Zeta Pawz: Kit Fox

I started with my Favorite toy, its only fair I do my least favorite toy. The Gel Kit fox leaves much to be desired.

Kit Fox
Kit Fox

Toy Description from there Website:

Here we have a toy modeled after a Fox. The toy itself is pretty decent sized and is quite fun to use. It is the closest to a natural Fox penis we can get.The dimensions are 1″ across, 3 1/4″ from top of knot to tip, 6″ overall length, the knot is 1 3/4″ across and is 1 1/2″ tall itself.
SKU SKU161521
Weight 1.00 lbs
Price: $25.00 (21.75)

  • Black
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Flesh

  • Soft
  • Medium (Recommended)
  • Firm

  • Vibrating Egg available for +$20.00
  • Good Starting knot (if only it really knotted)
  • Cheap
  • looks kinda like a small bong?

  • Very Blunt head
  • Small Shaft
  • Too thick for its length
  • unremarkable knot

Kit Fox was the firs toy I purchased, and it nearly discouraged me from toys all together. at only $25 I though it would be a good way to start, didnt seam too thick at the time, and I liked knots. But the Kit Fox proved to be one of the hardest toys to just pick up and use that I’ve ever had.

The biggest problem with the Kit Fox is the head, its way to blunt, I have to spend half an hour just getting my self ready in order to use it. I had it for over a year before I was able to take the knot, and by then, it wasn’t worth it.

You’ll hear me talk about it a lot, but I’m not a size queen, I really don’t care how big a toy is. For me its all about the ride of a toy; if i can lay back and just enough the feel of a toy, its size doesn’t matter. And that is where the fox fails for me, your either on the knot, or off the toy.

Might look Point, But he isn't.
Might look Pointy, But he isn't.

If your a collector like me, and you have to own them all, then be my guest, but if you can only afford so many toys. Wait, save your money, and get the Akita, or Silicone Euro Ruffs Stuff.