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Bad Dragon Female Toys

Currently Bad Dragon has 3 female toys. Pictured here from Left to right, Natascha The Anthro Husky, Janine The Anthro Dragoness, and Mary The Anthro Mare. All are great toys with there own unique feels and personalities.

Natascha The Anthro Husk

Natascha is the newest female toy from bad dragon. She is the tightest of the 3, so tight in fact that I discovered a small tear on the bottom of the opening. I want to state upfront that I don’t think this is Bad Dragons fault; I will contact them about it, but I think I was just too rough with her : P. The body is almost the same girth as its head and its very easy to hold onto. The silicone does feel softer then my other two toys as well. The texture inside is nice with out being over done and fake like some of the flesh light models. The opening and shaft are the same diameter, really easy to use for a fun ride.

Janine the Anthro Dragoness

Janine was there first attempt at a female toy and is a close second for tightest, mostly because her silicone is much firmer then Natascha. The opening is bigger, but the canal is smaller creating a funnel that just pulls you in. The out side of the toy has very crisp lines that define her form nicely, the detail on the Labia and Clitoris are stunning.The handle part of this toy is much thinner then the other two, and its harder to hold onto in use, but that does make it easier to squeeze just when you want too.

Mary The Anthro Mare

My clear favorite of the 3. Just take a minute to study the detail they put into her, the slight ridges on the Labia, the large Clitoris, the huge front; make this toy the most visually appealing of the bunch, to me anyway. I find that this toy falls in the middle of Janine and Natascha in terms of internal texture, but I find it to be the best balance. She has much more room to work with, but still remains almost as tight as the other two

Bad dragons female toys have definitely evolved from there first attempt with Janine. Each succession the handle gets thicker and easier to hold onto, the silicone gets softer and more flexible, the internal texture more subdued and subtle. Each small change produced a dramatically different toy, just as good as the one before, but with a slightly different feel. If you get a chance to try all 3 you won’t have a problem picking your favorite, but you might have a problem explaining why.