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Bad Dragon – Winston’s Tail

When I got the The Tailstretcher, I thought there could be no better tail toy. Then Bad Dragon released Winston into the world, and he has not left my desk in months.

This toy is quickly becoming one of my favorites (feels like I say that every time I get a new bad dragon toy.) This tail not only works amazingly, but the details on it are a real work of art. So much so that I felt it necessary to mount the toy onto a hunters trophy mount to hang it on my wall.

Winston’s Tail has more detail then there last tail toy; The Tail Stretcher, but they are both great toys. The top and bottom scales of the tail have vastly different feels and look to them, witch is always nice. The belly scales have a sort of step down graduated feel to them, each time you move to the next scale it gives you a feel of accomplishment. This toy includes Winston’s flank witch makes a good base and keeps the toy very stable during the heat of action.

The only thing I would chance about this toy is the size. It needs to be about 6 inches to a foot longer, no thicker just longer.

Toys like this I classify as a pure stretching toy, cone shaped toys that make it easy to stretch you out. But that dosen’t meed its only good for training, I find stretching toys to be great to finish with, you’ll never go as far as you will right before climax.

If you choose to give Winston’s Tail a ride (or any other cone shaped toy,) my advice would be to buy it one size bigger then you thing you can take, because it’ll be much easier to take larger toys of this type then any other type, I can take more of this toy then I care to admit ^.^

I love Winston’s Tail, only hope I get to play with the rest of him some day.

Bad Dragon – Duke The Bad Dragon

Bad-Dragon has never been a first stop for newbie but Duke changes that all. Go buy it now, do it or you suck.

Lubed up and ready to go.

Description from Bad-Dragon Website:

Successful CEO of an international modeling firm by day, adult entertainer by night, Duke the bad dragon spends all of his waking hours catering to those who need his services. If he’s not using his creative eye to get the best out of his talent, he’s getting in front of the camera himself for a steamy show.

Duke has been with us since the start, so when we asked to get a few castings of his ‘talent’, he couldn’t help but give us what we want. After all, it wasn’t hard to convince him once he realized just how many people he could please. After all, Duke loves to show the other dragons how it’s done, and there’d no doubt he’s one of the sexiest we’ve cast!

Just imagine what kind of positions his secretary had to go through to get that job; perhaps he can put you through a few too, just for fun.

Full Dimensions:

Size: small(own) medium Large(own)
Diameter of Head: 1.5 Inches 2 Inches 2.75 Inches
Circumference of Head: 4.5 Inches 6.1 Inches 8 Inches
Diameter of shaft: 1.25 Inches 2.2 Inches 2.75 Inches
Circumference of shaft: 4.75 Inches 6.5 Inches 8.5 Inches
Total Length: 6.2 Inches 9 Inches 11.8 Inches
Useable Length: 5.2 Inches 7.5 Inches 9.5 Inches

You can order the medium and large Duke with a cumtube! Duke Supports all faded colors, but not split colors or firmnesses. Due to the shape of the base, Duke does not support a suction cup.

(Includes a free 8oz/250ml bottle with the purchase of a cumtube) Here.

Small – $65.00
Medium – $100.00
Large – $145.00

Witch one is right for you?

A really good looking Dragon toy, easy to take, and fun to use, and of course Bad-Dragon signature set of nice balls to go along with it.


The Head on Duke here is really easy to take, hard to master. I have two sizes of this toy, small and large, for me, the small is a perfect toy to start with. The large one is more just to look at and for when i’m feeling adventurous XP.


Once you crest over the head the shaft won’t give you much trouble, it has a genital taper from just behind the head to the base. I love the detailing on it, from the veins that stick out, to the very subtle corpus spongiosum.

I love penis veins

Very broad flat base. They dont have the option to have a suction cup base but you really dont need it, this base has enough service area to really stay in place when you need it too. And the big balls make it very easy to hold onto, even when lubed up.

Cumtube available in the medium and large sizes, if you enjoy that go for it, I’ll have a review on the cumtubs coming up soon

Bad-Dragon Medium Gryphon

Bad-Dragon is relatively new to the furry dildo scene; But there product line already holds some of the best toys I’ve ever used.


I ordered 4 toys in total from Bad-Dragon a few weeks ago, they keep you posted all along the way; when your order is completed, when its being manufactured, and when its shipped a very pleasant change from zeta’s 9 month turn around never knowing if or when your toys will ever be ready. I ordered my toys on the last day of there Halloween sale (and yes I got one of them in candy corn coloring ^.^) Total time from ordering though manufacturing and finally shipping took less then 20 days, I am very pleased about that! Each toy is made custom when you order it in the US by professionals and screened for any defects, Bad-Dragon holds the highest standards for dildos that I have ever seen, and each come with a unheard of 5 year warranty.  Toys that don’t measure up to dragon standards get moved into there adoption program, and while these toys with miner defects don’t have a warranty, they do come at a greatly reduced price.

The Toys were shipped UPS in a plain box and arrived at my door a few days later. Each toy was wrapped carefully with plastic wrap and tissue paper. When I Opened the box and saw that Bad-Dragon logo on the invoice, I knew I was in for a fun night.

The Medium Gryphon was the toy I first chose to use, The Description on the website reads

The Gryphon has long been known as a king of beasts. Half lion, proud and strong; and half Eagle, majestic and beautiful, he rules both the land and air. Gryphons, known for staying true to one partner their entire life, have to pick their mate very carefully. Should he choose you, know that is one of the greatest honors he can bestow upon you, and if he does, you should please him every day, and in every way…to show him your appreciation.

The gryphon marks a first for Bad Dragon, utilizing our 3D printing technology to give you three different sizes to choose from; a Small, Medium, and Large( It says 3, but now there are 4 Sizes to choose from). This allows virtually everyone to enjoy the pleasures of this mystical creature, from beginners to the most experienced toy users. An even larger ‘Mega’ version is also in the works…

In addition to giving you 3 sizes to chose from, the 3D printing allows us to offer the most detailed toys on the market. It also gives the toys an absolutely wonderful matte finish that not only feels great, but also helps lube to cling to it, keeping your toy slick for extended play.

Full Dimensions:

Size: small medium Large X Large
Diameter of Head: 0.75 Inches 1.00 Inches 1.4 Inches 2.0 Inches
Circumference of Head: 2.3 Inches 3.1 Inches 4.4 Inches 5.5 Inches
Diameter of shaft: 1.25 Inches 1.5 Inches 2.0 Inches 3.0 Inches
Circumference of shaft: 4.0 Inches 4.7 Inches 6.3 Inches 7.5 Inches
Diameter of knot: 1.75 Inches 2.25 Inches 2.75 Inches 3.75 Inches
Circumference of knot: 5.5 Inches 7.0 Inches 8.6 Inches 12.0 Inches
Usable Length: 7 Inches 9 Inches 11 Inches 12.0 Inches
Total Length: 8 Inches 10 Inches 12 Inches 15 Inches

The Gryphon toy’s natural color is a beautiful black length with a white base. You can also get custom colors. A solid color is $5, a split color (one color shaft, one color base) for $10; a custom Fade (whole toy has a lovely fade) for $15, and a custom split/fade (shaft has a fade, base is a seperate color) for $25.


  • Small – $65.00
  • Medium – $90.00
  • Large – $120.00
  • Extra Large – $165.00

You can choose a wide range of colors for your Gryphon, including the “surprise me” option. It also comes in the standard firmness options, soft(3), Medium(5), and Hard(8). I almost always go with the Medium one as I did in this case. They will also make a suction cup base for your toy for $10.00 extra.

OK now for the actual review.

The head of the gryphon is studded with little barbs, Witch have an interesting texture and look, but in practice pretty much don’t exist.  The head comes to a nice point for really easy insertions, witch you all know I love. There’s a small spot where it looks like the cumtube would go for the models with that feature, but even with out the add-on it looks good. The base of the head has a lip that almost looks like this particular gryphon wasn’t circumcised, really nice effect.

This shaft has a really interesting shape and texture. The under side is almost flat and completely smooth running the entire length of the toy. While the sides have almost a rib cage texture a stunning visual effect, but they aren’t really noticeable in use.  The top side of the shaft has a very pronounced vain running the whole length of the toy.

The not on this toy isent very large or intimating. It runs almost 1/3’rd the total lenth of the toy growing gradually from the shaft. The knot it self almost sneaks up on you, witch is rare for knots. Its an effect I really like

The base on this toy is unremarkable, One thing I dont like about this toy is that it will never stand up on its own. No size or stiffness will change this the top of the toy is just to heavy for the part past the knot to hold up. The base it self has what looks to be a vagina pattern around it witch is something I’d expect more from a lizard or dragon toy, not really a gryphon.

Over all look:
One thing I can get over is how visually good this toy looks, the small details on it always impress me; when the light hit its just right I see a new vain or texture to it.  I would recommend this toy to anyone in any size they could take, Its not the most unique or enjoyable toy I’ve ever used, but its one of the best looking for sure.

Zeta Paws: Buck Rabbit

The Zeta Paws Rabbit toy is by far my favorite toy for beginners, and always the first I recommend for someones first toy purchase.

Toy Description from there Website:

Here is one that has been requested for quite awile now. This little guy will put a hop in your step and a grin on your face. It comes with a set of balls as the base, and as in real life, the penis emerges from between them instead of on top. He’s a perfect beginners toy and would go good with any toy collection. Would make a good match with the carrot toy.The measurements are 1″ across the tip, 8″ shaft, 1 1/2″ across near the base, 9 1/2″ from tip to base, 12″ total length.
SKU SKU161671
Weight 1.00 lbs
Price: $40.00 (€34.80)

  • Black
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Flesh
  • Natural(+$5)

  • Soft
  • Medium (Recommended)
  • Firm

  • BEST Beginner toy evea!
  • Great shape
  • Ease of uses
  • Price

  • A little small for advance users
  • suction cup base sucks

This toy will hop (and hump) its way into your heart…and butt. I’ve never seen a toy easier out of the box to lube up and shove in. It still has a nice shaft thickness going all the way down to its heart shaped base, and its flexible enough to take the entire thing with ease. The balls add stability to the toy for riding and make it imposable to get lost in there (Well nearly, never done it my self but I’ve heard horror stories about people getting just about any toy lost in them, know where its base is when playing.)

This toy is big enough to use in any position from any angle with just about anyone. Girls love it, boys love it, straight guys really love how easy it is. By far the best toy for beginners.

  • Shape: 7
    Most would say its a little of a dull shape, but for beginners, it has enough for them to feel it, with out being an intimating knot.
  • Value: 10
    $40 for the first toy I grab every time.
  • Overall: 8
    If they bring it over to silicone, This score will go up.

Zeta Pawz: Skip Otter

This is by far my favorite toy to date. I love it so much, I own two of them!

2 Otter toys
2 Otter toys

Toy Description from there Website:

Here is one of the newest creations. The otter seems to glide its way into the tightest of places and open you up gradually, as he continues to wind and wiggle ever deeper to your desires. The toy was crafted from sketches, pictures, and video reference material. Our special thanks to all who contributed to the research on this toy.The dimensions are 1 1/2″ across the head, 10 1/2″ overall length, the shaft tapers gently to the mid point, and then spreads open at the base and the toy is 12″ tall itself.
SKU SKU161451
Weight 1.75 lbs
Price: $50.00 (€43.50)

  • Black
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Flesh

  • Soft
  • Medium (Recommended)
  • Firm

  • Great Size and shape
  • Ease of use
  • Price

  • The very head of the dildo creates a little cup behind the point if your not perfectly clean, this will show it.
  • Gel toy (Doesn’t bother me, but I would like silicone better)

This toy lives up to its description in every way shape and form. If your tight, this would be a great toy to start with. When I play with toys, my favorite thing to do is get them in fast, and ride there full length, and the otter is perfect for this. The lip behind the head can be a little of challenge for the first time beginner, but if you want to use toys this is not going be a hurdle for you at all. As you can tell from the pictures, I own both a Flesh colored one, and a Black one. The Black one they made custom from me (order as many toys as I do and they might make one for you too!) with a 0 gauge PA ring the placement isnt technically right, but it still feels great!

This toy is really made for a long ride. The foot long shaft slides back and forth easily with out any knot or obstruction, yet has enough shape to it so you know where you are on the toy as you go. Its suction cup base makes riding it really easy (especially in the shower with some otterboi lube ^.~)

Otter Size comparison
Otter Size comparison

This is a Gel toy tho, so you have to accept all the problems that come with gel toys. Gel toys leach there color and chemicals; if you leave a gel toy on a piece of paper for an hour you’ll see it happen. It will also absorb ink and other chemicals into it. These toys should be washed Before and After every use. And stored in individually plastic bags with baby powder or other absorbent powder. I’ll get around to making a post just about all the types of toy materials and there pro’s and cons.

Even with the restrictions of Gel toys, this toy still is my favorite, but if they made a silicone version, I’d buy it as well.