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Bad Dragon – Moko

Moko the Liger gives new meaning to the word THICK. This simple toy Looks so unassuming; No knots, no weird geometry or curves. Just some small nubs, and a Thick shaft but man does this toy lead you to ecstasy and in a hurry.

When this toy first came out, I immediately put in an order for a medium sized, firmness (5). In the “Surprise Me” color option ( I always get this opinion unless I’m trying to match a character. ^.^ )

Shortly after this toy arrived, I knew I’d need to get an XL option, and lucky they had one in there “flops” section. Just a quick note on flops before I get to the full review, what they classify as flops, Most companies wouldn’t even notice, There is literately nothing wrong with this XL toy in any way. Just a few black drips in the color of the balls, witch I think look good. If your short on funds, Not anally picky (hehe) Keep an eye on the flops, Great deals, but they go fast!

For how thick this toy is, I found it surprisingly easy to start. The head is perfectly tapered, flowing into the shaft with out much of a bump. He has really nice details around the head, with the feline inspired barbs; but in a much softer more enjoyable texture. The spot for a cum tube is perfectly place and even with out that option it still looks like it belongs there.

The shaft has a very gentile graduation from the head to its full thickness. Near the base there is another little step up in thickness, but the clever cocksmiths at Bad Dragon have made this lip easy to handle since it grows out from the front of the shaft and around to the back of the toy.

In every size this toy has the perfect base. His huge balls balancing the toy and keeping him standing up right on any surface. And the feeling of accomplishment when you bottom out; feeling those orbs pressing ageist you. Pure pleasure.

If you enjoy Thick toys, You’ll love him. If you enjoy easy to take heads, You’ll love him. If knots aren’t a selling point for you, You’ll love him. If blunt toys are a turn off for you, You’ll really love him. Moko might have unseated Duke as my favorite point head Bad Dragon toy ( tho I do still really love him. ) This toy is really hard to classify, He’s not a long toy I’d bounce on; to thick for that. He’s not a challenge your self kinda toy; no big knot or levels to work down too. Closest thing I can classify him as is a stretching toy. With his extremely easy to take head, and especially thick shaft, you’ll find your self improving your stretching capacity in no time.

The best way to describe this toy in one sentence. Its like Duke only much thicker!! Order him, you will not be disappointed.


Some one asked me to take some more detailed measurements shots, even with all the numbers its really hard to convey just how big this toy is. A good rule of thumb for the XL Moko size, If you cant handle double fisting, this isn’t the size for you. These measurements are very rough, Its really hard to measure every facet of a dildo XP

Location Measurement (Inches) Circumference (Inches)
Head 3.5″ x 3.5″ 10″
Just Past head 3″ x 2.75″ 9.25″
Mid Shaft 3.5″ X 3.5″ 11″
Base of Shaft 4.25″ x 4.25″ 14″

Bad Dragon – XL Cockatrice

This isn’t a proper review since; I’ve only just opened the box, but this toy is so good looking, I just had to share it.

People often ask me who makes the best toys. For looks, useability, choices, customer service, turnaround, I cant think of any company better then Bad-DragonCrackers the Cockatrice looks amazing. From the Ridges up its side, the scales near the base, the bumps on the head, the veins running up the corpus spongrosum, the folds at the very base. The details on this toy leave me breathless and drool. Go Buy it, in every size, firmness and color.

Bad Dragon – Winston’s Tail

When I got the The Tailstretcher, I thought there could be no better tail toy. Then Bad Dragon released Winston into the world, and he has not left my desk in months.

This toy is quickly becoming one of my favorites (feels like I say that every time I get a new bad dragon toy.) This tail not only works amazingly, but the details on it are a real work of art. So much so that I felt it necessary to mount the toy onto a hunters trophy mount to hang it on my wall.

Winston’s Tail has more detail then there last tail toy; The Tail Stretcher, but they are both great toys. The top and bottom scales of the tail have vastly different feels and look to them, witch is always nice. The belly scales have a sort of step down graduated feel to them, each time you move to the next scale it gives you a feel of accomplishment. This toy includes Winston’s flank witch makes a good base and keeps the toy very stable during the heat of action.

The only thing I would chance about this toy is the size. It needs to be about 6 inches to a foot longer, no thicker just longer.

Toys like this I classify as a pure stretching toy, cone shaped toys that make it easy to stretch you out. But that dosen’t meed its only good for training, I find stretching toys to be great to finish with, you’ll never go as far as you will right before climax.

If you choose to give Winston’s Tail a ride (or any other cone shaped toy,) my advice would be to buy it one size bigger then you thing you can take, because it’ll be much easier to take larger toys of this type then any other type, I can take more of this toy then I care to admit ^.^

I love Winston’s Tail, only hope I get to play with the rest of him some day.

Custom – Tentacle

The next few reviews will be on custom toys a friend made for me.

The Tentacle

Tentacles are a pretty standard model for dildos, almost every company has a tentacle model. A blogger I read; True Pleasures, even has a Tentacle Tuesday theme devoted to all the Tentacle toys that come out.

Most tend to be the same, gentle tapered cone with dimples on one side that look like suckers. From the Zeta Paws Tentacle; who’s suckers cant be felt at all, Bad-Dragons Tentacle; better but still pretty bland. This Tentacle may look simple, but its got some amazing things going on.


This Custom Tentacle toy has a lot of very interesting things going on. This toy feels drastically different depend on how you use it. The entire side of the Tentacle is very smooth from tip to base, with a firm ridge running along the underside where the Suckers are. These Suckers have a really aggressive feeling to them.


This toy has a perfect base, large wide flat flare that keeps the toy standing. For only his 2nd or 3rd toy you can tell he’s put a lot of though into the actual use of this toy.


Unlike almost every tentacle toy out there, this one has a knot, and a very reasonable and fun knot at that. Having said that, This knot was really hard for me to take, not because of the knot it self, but because of the Base of the toy.

The ridge that run along the side of the toy continue down to the knot and bottom of the usable part of this toy but that lip is very close to the base. I’ve got a big bubble butt, and with most positions was unable to get past that lip with out the base of the toy getting in the way.

A small design flaw for me, but not one that will impede many other people

While this toy is very fun and has a lot of amazing details in use, Its also is just a little too firm aggressive for my tastes. Its the Best tentacle toy I’ve ever used, but not a toy I’d use every night.

As long as Bad hentai and fanboys exist, so will tentacle toys, not that I mind, they can be very sexy. I only hope more can be made like this one. Tentacles that actually feel like tentacles, not just weird cones. As of yet there are no plans to mass produce this model, so if you would like to try this toy, better try and contact me directly ^.~

Aneros – Male G-Spot Stimulator

One of the first toys I got at RMFC was the Aneros Male G-Spot Stimulator. This was my first donated toy, witch is awesome. Best way to get me to review a toy fast is to give it to me : P.

The box says “Have Courage” and “Experience the Evolution in the art of the male orgasm”, and I must say it lives up to both clams. The model I was given was the Progasm-ICE

For a $67 toy this one is well worth it. I used to think prostate stimulator were just a gimmick, but I must say this toy really works and is easy to use. The head being 1 1/4th inches wide might be a little changeling for beginners, but anyone experienced should have no problem. Aneros also makes smaller models for the less experienced. Once you get the toy all the way in its really comfortable, unlike a butt plug that your always aware of, this toy i could easily see forgetting about; till i moved and got the jolt of pleasure to my prostate. I didn’t feel “Perineum Abutment” and “Kundalini K-Tab” pushing on anything that added to the pleasure, but they did make it really easy to remove the toy, and for people who get to eager, almost impossible to insert the whole toy.


  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Works as advertised.

Now this toy wasn’t perfect. The Aneros Prograsm – Ice is made of an award-winning, FDA approved, medical and food grade plastic which is rapidly being used as a replacement for glass because it does not break. I would rather see this toy it some type of Pyrex, the plastic they used doesn’t seem to hold lube as well as other Pyrex toys I’ve used. There was also a slight sharp edge along the mold line on some parts of the toy, Nothing major enough to injure, but just something I noticed while lubing it up.


  • Material could have been better.
  • Small sharp edges on toy should have been caught in production.

Over all I would recommend this toy to other people. Its fun, its easy and it works!

Rumor alert! Dragoneer Dildo?

That’s right kiddies, I’ve just been informed that Exotic-Erotics (the same fine people that created the Wuffamute toy, my all time favorite K9) has teamed up with none other then Dragoneer for there next project!

This comes as a great surprise to me, looking over my vast collection of his art and commissions; a unique cock design doesn’t really stand out. He’s almost always drawn with a very generic (but none the less tasty looking) huge cock. But you will find a few images with this very unique cock design, and I am glad to say the toy will reflect it perfectly.

Click image for full size!!

Now as we can see from these exclusive pictures, Dragoneers toy is going to rock XP

Its hard to judge size from pictures alone, but based on everything I’ve seen from Exotic-Erotics and Dragoneer; its going to be a biggen! I hope they end up doing the same thing they did with the Wuffamute toy, making 3 sizes so everyone can enjoy that digi-cock.

Head: The head scares me a bit. It does taper slightly into a point, but it still looks very blunt. The frills coming off of the crown of the head look interesting and I think will feel nice, I do foresee a slight… hygienical problem with the idea, but anyone using a toy that big has seen worse.

Shaft: Looks rather short for my taste, but i defiantly wouldn’t call this toy a “short but thick” model. The ridges down the back look detailed enough to be felt by most people. And I love the vain its a good size, shape and location.

Base/Knot: While I wouldn’t call it a true knotting toy; since I don’t think it will be able to knot, after all he’s a digimon, not a k9. The base of this toy does look to have a very large swell going into the sheath witch will probably serve a good purpose of letting the user judge where he is on the toy with out having to check. This toy is also adorned with a nice size set of balls, but coming from dragoneer I’d expect them to be twice as big XP

Over all this looks like it’ll be a really good toy, I’ll be first in line to get one. But remember just because we have pictures of the clay model doesn’t mean the toy will ever be made. NachT had a clay model of his massive manhood for years but we’ve still yet to see a silicone version (but I have my credit card ready if he ever does! He could even send me that statue and I’ll mold it in silicone my self XP)

UPDATE The project has been confirmed by the Neer him self, I cant wait to see the final product!

Wuffamute Best K9 Ever!

The Wuffamute is by The Best K9 toy I’ve ever used. I was never a big fan of the k9 style toy; blunt head, nice shaft, unreasonable knot. But the Wuffamute toy stands head and shoulders above the rest (and I dont just mean because its huge XD.)

Wuffamute Toy Collage
Wuffamute Toy Collage

Description from the Website.

Living proof that a pedigree is overrated, this mutt certainly knows a few ways to bury his bone and takes the term ‘Doggystyle’ to an entirely new level! With its tapered glans and head, rippled knot and the specially designed ridges that help pull it all in deeper, this toy is sure to challenge but make those adventurous enough to fit it all howl in delight! Take it slow, or ride it hard, he’ll be there every time to push you to new heights of pleasure!
Pup Dimensions:
Total length: 10 inches
Usable length: 9 inches
Head insertable: 5.5 inches circumference, 1.75 inches diameter
Next bulge: 6 inches circumference, 1.90 inches diameter
Knot width: 2.5 inches diameter at the widest point
Knot length: 3 inches
Price: $50
Adolescent Dimensions:
Total length: 12.5 inches
Usable length: 11 inches
Head insertable: 7.0 inches circumference, 2.3 inches diameter
Next bulge: 7.5 inches circumference, 2.5 inches diameter
Knot: 9 inches circumference, 3.0 inches at the widest part
Price: $100
Wuffamute Dimensions:
Total length: 15.5 inches
Usable length: 14 inches
Head insertable: 8.5 inches circumference, 2.7 inches diameter
Next bulge: 9.5 inches circumference, 3.0 inches diameter
Knot width: 3.85 inches diameter
Knot length: 4 inches
Price $150

Info on the company:
I’m really digging the guys over at Exotic Erotics, They make really good quality toys, and there price are reasonable for the size and process that goes into there toys. This company makes Live Casts of horses and Mold there toys from that, it’s all the fun of bestiality with out the stigma. I don’t know if they offer this, but every equine live cast toy should come with a picture of the horse who models for it. I’d frame that picture and tell everybody that even though I’d never have sex with that horse; I could totally take him. And as an added bonus, all toys come in there own decorative bag : P

The Wuffamute comes in 3 sizes, Pup, Adolescent, and Full. I own both the Pup, and the Full; I hope to get the Adolescent some time soon, but we shall see. As I said at the top, The Wuffamute is the Best K9 Toy I’ve ever used. Each of the 3 sizes has roughly the same shape, just the over all size got changed. So think of it as beginner, intermediate, and omg you can shove a car up your butt.

Most toys can be broken down into 3 sections, Head, shaft, and base/knot.

The head of the Wuffamute toy is a little big for the toy, losses some points with me there. I like a toy that’s easy to start with lube up shove in. With wuffamute it takes me a little work to first get it in.
The shaft is great, just enough shape so you really feel it, and enough of a difference between the head and knot that you can tell where you are on the to easily, in my opinion, its a perfect shaft.
The Base/knot, and with this toy; boy is that ever a knot. The Wuffamute has a two tier knot system, its much more noticeable on the full size toy, but doesn’t present a problem.

Added bonus:
Like many people, I enjoy watching porn while playing with toys, And much like the toys based on porn starts manhood. The Wuffamute toys have plenty of furry porn to go along with his toy. More uniquly hung furs need to do this, NachT, Gorath, I’m looking at you guys.

In short, If you like the K9 style shape in your dildos, want to try knotting, or just really like all of his commissions, This toy is the perfect addition to your collection.

Zeta Pawz: Kit Fox

I started with my Favorite toy, its only fair I do my least favorite toy. The Gel Kit fox leaves much to be desired.

Kit Fox
Kit Fox

Toy Description from there Website:

Here we have a toy modeled after a Fox. The toy itself is pretty decent sized and is quite fun to use. It is the closest to a natural Fox penis we can get.The dimensions are 1″ across, 3 1/4″ from top of knot to tip, 6″ overall length, the knot is 1 3/4″ across and is 1 1/2″ tall itself.
SKU SKU161521
Weight 1.00 lbs
Price: $25.00 (21.75)

  • Black
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Flesh

  • Soft
  • Medium (Recommended)
  • Firm

  • Vibrating Egg available for +$20.00
  • Good Starting knot (if only it really knotted)
  • Cheap
  • looks kinda like a small bong?

  • Very Blunt head
  • Small Shaft
  • Too thick for its length
  • unremarkable knot

Kit Fox was the firs toy I purchased, and it nearly discouraged me from toys all together. at only $25 I though it would be a good way to start, didnt seam too thick at the time, and I liked knots. But the Kit Fox proved to be one of the hardest toys to just pick up and use that I’ve ever had.

The biggest problem with the Kit Fox is the head, its way to blunt, I have to spend half an hour just getting my self ready in order to use it. I had it for over a year before I was able to take the knot, and by then, it wasn’t worth it.

You’ll hear me talk about it a lot, but I’m not a size queen, I really don’t care how big a toy is. For me its all about the ride of a toy; if i can lay back and just enough the feel of a toy, its size doesn’t matter. And that is where the fox fails for me, your either on the knot, or off the toy.

Might look Point, But he isn't.
Might look Pointy, But he isn't.

If your a collector like me, and you have to own them all, then be my guest, but if you can only afford so many toys. Wait, save your money, and get the Akita, or Silicone Euro Ruffs Stuff.

Zeta Pawz: Skip Otter

This is by far my favorite toy to date. I love it so much, I own two of them!

2 Otter toys
2 Otter toys

Toy Description from there Website:

Here is one of the newest creations. The otter seems to glide its way into the tightest of places and open you up gradually, as he continues to wind and wiggle ever deeper to your desires. The toy was crafted from sketches, pictures, and video reference material. Our special thanks to all who contributed to the research on this toy.The dimensions are 1 1/2″ across the head, 10 1/2″ overall length, the shaft tapers gently to the mid point, and then spreads open at the base and the toy is 12″ tall itself.
SKU SKU161451
Weight 1.75 lbs
Price: $50.00 (€43.50)

  • Black
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Flesh

  • Soft
  • Medium (Recommended)
  • Firm

  • Great Size and shape
  • Ease of use
  • Price

  • The very head of the dildo creates a little cup behind the point if your not perfectly clean, this will show it.
  • Gel toy (Doesn’t bother me, but I would like silicone better)

This toy lives up to its description in every way shape and form. If your tight, this would be a great toy to start with. When I play with toys, my favorite thing to do is get them in fast, and ride there full length, and the otter is perfect for this. The lip behind the head can be a little of challenge for the first time beginner, but if you want to use toys this is not going be a hurdle for you at all. As you can tell from the pictures, I own both a Flesh colored one, and a Black one. The Black one they made custom from me (order as many toys as I do and they might make one for you too!) with a 0 gauge PA ring the placement isnt technically right, but it still feels great!

This toy is really made for a long ride. The foot long shaft slides back and forth easily with out any knot or obstruction, yet has enough shape to it so you know where you are on the toy as you go. Its suction cup base makes riding it really easy (especially in the shower with some otterboi lube ^.~)

Otter Size comparison
Otter Size comparison

This is a Gel toy tho, so you have to accept all the problems that come with gel toys. Gel toys leach there color and chemicals; if you leave a gel toy on a piece of paper for an hour you’ll see it happen. It will also absorb ink and other chemicals into it. These toys should be washed Before and After every use. And stored in individually plastic bags with baby powder or other absorbent powder. I’ll get around to making a post just about all the types of toy materials and there pro’s and cons.

Even with the restrictions of Gel toys, this toy still is my favorite, but if they made a silicone version, I’d buy it as well.