Vacuum Packing Toys for storage

When you have over 100 toys, how to store them becomes a real problem.

Just trow them all in one box. Easy solution but has many problems. Some toys leach there colors onto others. Its hard to go though them to find one you want.

Saran wrap them all. This option is the one I use most. It can accommodate every size and shape toy. Makes them easy to sort. And its cheap. Down side, you have to re do it every year or your toy box just becomes a mess a wrapping and the saran wrap sticks to other toys so you have to be careful when going through your box

Zip lock bags. Great option, keeps all the toys separate and clean. Down side, unless you only have small toys you’ll need to buy bags in every size and shape to make it work

A new option I’m trying out is to vacuum pack all the toys into there own packaging. With the rolls you can get making custom bags should be easy and it’ll keep every toy clean and fresh ready to use. Only problem I’ve been able to think of is the texture of the bags being transferred to softer toys. So I’m testing it

I’ve Vacuum packed some of Bad-Dragon sample circles in varring firmness and a few other toys to see if the packaging damages them. I’ll leave them packed like this for a few weeks and update this posting with the results, I hope it works!

4 thoughts on “Vacuum Packing Toys for storage”

  1. Can’t wait to see how this turns out. For right now, all my stuff is in bins, separated by paper towels. Not exactly the best method, but…oh well. I’m working on it.

    I do have some toys in custom-sewn swimsuit material bags, though. That works out pretty well, and the material can be found really cheap after Summer is over. Fabric stores generally have piles of scrap that they couldn’t sell. They stretch and easily fit any toy. So, if I get rid of one and get a new one, there’s a decent likelihood that I can use the previous toy’s bag. I never really fuss with making them too neat. A simple rectangle will usually suffice, and takes me less than five minutes to make.

    About how much did you spend on vacuum packing so far? Can you reseal what plastic you’ve already used? I’m kind of curious to see how much it would affect my budget, if I decided to do it.

    1. Custom-sewn bags does sound like a really good option, only problem with it I can think of is being able to tell what toy is in what bag. Color coding can only get you so far. Tho you could make a color code key on the lid of your toy box.

      I got a bootleg food saver vacuum packer from Walmart for $50, and the rolls of bags are about $8, not sure how many toys it’ll steal, but once if the experimental is successful I’ll spend a few days vacuum packing all my toys and I’ll keep track of the cost. As for real stealing the bags will seal how ever many times you want, but you have to cut away the previous seal in order to open it. So each time the bag will get smaller and smaller till you cant fit anything into it.

  2. Being a silicone adult toy manufacturer I can elaborate a bit more into this.

    You’re not going to damage the silicone itself nor leave any lasting impressions on it, although with enough vacuum you may cause bubbles near the surface to burst(and they are there in a lot of toys even though you’ll never know it). I doubt that you’re actually vacuum sealing them that tight though as bags can’t withhold that much vacuum.

    Any toy that can/does leach onto another should be thrown away. If it can leach onto another object, it can leach into your body and isn’t safe to be using. Medical grade silicone, glass and metal are all much safer and can be stored touching eachother.

    1. That has not been my experience with Vacuum packing toys. The bags did leave a very faint impression on the silicone samples, and on the double dong. Not only did the texture of the bag get transferred, but worse, anywhere the bag folded or kinked was really visible on the toy. I am currently doing more experiments before my full toy repacking on July 4th-8th.
      I’m never going to trow out my old leaching rubber toys, I’m a collector and besides, they almost never get used anymore. And anytime any toy is used, its always with a condom.

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