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Equine Cock is a work of Art

A lot of people ask me why I have so many toys, The main reason is aesthetics; I just like the way they look. Nothing illustrates that more then my newest acquisition, a roughly 2ft tall glass horse cock statue.

Out of all the toys I own, I just love the way equines look the most. The bold flared head. thick powerful shaft, that…ring thing half way down ( no clue what its called but its by far my favorite part, ) supportive base. This glass statue was created by a friend of mine when we were talking about the subject a few nights ago. He knocked out this great example of equinesniss in only a few hours and it will forever now live on my computer desk as a work of art. If you are interested in obtaining your own Huge glass horse cock contact me, The artist has agreed to make a few more, but keep in mind these are pieces of art, and will cost $100+ depending on complexity, email me with the details you want, and I’ll pass it along bunnyboi@bunnyboil.com.

Here are all my Equine toys.
Here are all my Equine toys.


From the top down
Zeta Creations Thor
: Love the way this toy looks. Its heavy and the shape is very well defined. But sadly its vinyl so every time I take it out I have to wash the residue off of it. If they ever remake a silicone version; I’ll buy it.
Custom Glass Statue: The Newest member in my stable. Had the pleasure of watching the artist create this one, and it will forever be on display in my house as a work of art.
Bad Dragon Chance Flared: Now we’re getting into the usable sizes for me, This is the medium one. Now I’m not the biggest fan of dramatic flares on a toy, but Bad Dragon always has a way of making the details on there toys really standout. Wish they put more detail on the Sheath ring.
Zeta Creations Equine: I forget the exact name of this toy, and it is no longer available on the ZetaPawz website since they retired all there old vinyl toys. Its fun to use and the coloring on it is very well done, only complaint is it being made of vinyl
Bad Dragon Chance UnFlared: Pretty much the same toy as the flared, but with out the flare. When I’m actually in the mood to use a horse toy, this is the one I reach for first. Smooth, easy to use great detail.


From Exotic-Erotics
From Exotic-Erotics

Another great company to look towards for great equine toys is Exotic-Erotics, pictured above. I don’t have any of there equine toys yet, but each is cast from a real stallion so the details on them are spot on, they even offer a double ended model! They’re a premium price, but my next equine will surely be from them. (I’d buy it sooner if they ever released that Dragoneer toy >.<)

Horse toys are almost never my first choice when I’m just in the mood to toy, but from a purely aesthetics stance, they are my favorite.

ZetaPaws – New toys and January sale!


New toys!

It’s been awhile since we have had new toys for sale, but today we have four new toys! Three of them are silicone, the other is a gel.
Should you be interested, we have the highly anticipated Silicone kit fox finally up for sale. This is a great begginers toy. There is also the Silicone Expander and Silicone Keeper.
Prefer the gels? The gel toy just released is the Ruff daddy! This one is certainly not a beginners toy, but he will please those that can tame such a large guy.

January sale

We at Zetapaws are dedicated to giving you the customers great toys and great sales! This sale was originally a 1 day sale, but with such an astounding response to it, we had to bring it back… The 33% sale is back until the 4th of February! How great is that? New toys that you can get on sale for a huge discount!

Our address:
Judd Killam
121 Bearcat Drive
Sistersville, WV 26175
Copyright (C) 2009 ZetaPaws All rights reserved.

Zeta Creations 1 day 33% off Sale!


New Years sale and January’s contests
With another month and year gone, we can only hope you’ll enjoy it. Hopefully more now that you can get 33% off your entire order (exluding S&H) starting from January 2nd 3AM Est until January 3rd 3AM Est. We love you just that much.

Now, for those that don’t have money you can still get some lovin from us (and every month too). You just need to register on our forums (Click me to visit the forums) and register an account. Then check out the thread titled “Contests/promotions for the month” to see how to enter the free contest. You can also just click here to visit it directly. Following the instructions will enter you to win a silicone kit fox for free. No charge, you don’t even pay for shipping. Oh, and the silicone kit fox isn’t released yet, so get your hands on a brand new product absolutely free!

Those that do order, we still love you as well. If you order a silicone toy between January 1st and January 31st you can be entered to win one of three toys! The gel ruff dad, Silicone Kit fox and The keeper. Though, we have three toys up for grabs so that means there will be three winners! Isn’t that sale and this contest enticing?

Contest winners!
Ok, so above you got to see what we have to offer, but perhaps you entered in December’s? Well… Here’s the winners!
The winner for simply messaging the user on the forum is… Zoen!
The winner for ordering a silicone toy during the month of December is.. Order #797!

If no response is received, we will be doing a redraw.
Thanks for reading and we do hope you enjoy, be it with friends and family or new toys!

Our address:
Judd Killam
121 Bearcat Drive
Sistersville, WV 26175
Copyright (C) 2009 ZetaPaws All rights reserved.


Life has been busy down at the BunnyBoi Ranch. Almost everything I need to start back up the lube line is in stock, just waiting on the bottle caps. Once they come in I’ll be able to crank out 3 gallons of lube. Expect to see Bunnyboi, OtterBoi, and Dragonboi Drool Lubes on sale starting next week.

In other updates…I got Thor

It looks big here, but Its even bigger
It looks big here, but Its even bigger

No, This toy will never see any actual use, but it will sure be the butt end of many of my jokes : P I have 3 ideas about where to store it.

  • Inside a “In case of emergency brake glass” box
  • Shotgun/sword Rack
  • Standing on a table with a lap shade over the head

If you have any more ideas on good storage for this big guy, let me know.

Zeta Pawz: Kit Fox

I started with my Favorite toy, its only fair I do my least favorite toy. The Gel Kit fox leaves much to be desired.

Kit Fox
Kit Fox

Toy Description from there Website:

Here we have a toy modeled after a Fox. The toy itself is pretty decent sized and is quite fun to use. It is the closest to a natural Fox penis we can get.The dimensions are 1″ across, 3 1/4″ from top of knot to tip, 6″ overall length, the knot is 1 3/4″ across and is 1 1/2″ tall itself.
SKU SKU161521
Weight 1.00 lbs
Price: $25.00 (21.75)

  • Black
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Flesh

  • Soft
  • Medium (Recommended)
  • Firm

  • Vibrating Egg available for +$20.00
  • Good Starting knot (if only it really knotted)
  • Cheap
  • looks kinda like a small bong?

  • Very Blunt head
  • Small Shaft
  • Too thick for its length
  • unremarkable knot

Kit Fox was the firs toy I purchased, and it nearly discouraged me from toys all together. at only $25 I though it would be a good way to start, didnt seam too thick at the time, and I liked knots. But the Kit Fox proved to be one of the hardest toys to just pick up and use that I’ve ever had.

The biggest problem with the Kit Fox is the head, its way to blunt, I have to spend half an hour just getting my self ready in order to use it. I had it for over a year before I was able to take the knot, and by then, it wasn’t worth it.

You’ll hear me talk about it a lot, but I’m not a size queen, I really don’t care how big a toy is. For me its all about the ride of a toy; if i can lay back and just enough the feel of a toy, its size doesn’t matter. And that is where the fox fails for me, your either on the knot, or off the toy.

Might look Point, But he isn't.
Might look Pointy, But he isn't.

If your a collector like me, and you have to own them all, then be my guest, but if you can only afford so many toys. Wait, save your money, and get the Akita, or Silicone Euro Ruffs Stuff.