The original BunnyBoi lube!

Formulated from the highest quality ingredients, BunnyBoi is designed specifically meet all of your needs. Sporting our own mascots rear on the bottle, this premium product has been enjoyed by countless furs, and is sure to be the talk of any gathing. Clear, and water-based, BunnyBoi is silky smooth, ultra long lasting and latex compatible. This Novelty item is perfect for the fur on the go, discover why its the rabbits first and only choice! 6oz bottle.

BunnyBoi Lube Novelty Item. $12 USD

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OtterBoi lube

Just like otters, Fun, Wet, and Super Slippery. A silicone based lube, that will even work under water! This premium waterless formula won’t damage latex and won’t turn sticky. 6oz bottle.

OtterBoi Novelty Item $17 USD

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DragonBoi Drool

Those Dragons sure do drool alot. So it was easy for me to sneek up and fill a few bottles ^.^
Waterbased and just as fun as bunny. This huge 8oz bottle is the perfect gift for your furry friend who enjoys dragon maws. Huge 8oz bottle.

DragonBoi Drool Novelty Item $17 USD

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