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Bad Dragon – The Anthro Dragoness is on Sale

I can not express how much better this toy is then other of the same type. I own 4 different Fake cock sleeve type toys, and out of all of them, the Bad Dragon Anthro Dragoness is the best. To call it a just another cock sleeve wouldn’t doing it justice.

Janine, The Anthro Dragoness is the best sleeve toy I’ve ever used, the modeling is perfect, and the texture inside only ads to your enjoyment. I wasn’t lucky enough to get into the beta testing group, but rather the first run of toys when it was released, the ice blue color they came in was beautiful and compliment the overall appearance of the toy.

Its now available in 9 standard colors, 1 premium color and the option of any custom color you want; And with it being on sale till June 8th, now is the perfect time to pick up your own Dragoness! See ad below for links, Tell them the BunnyBoi sent you ^.^

The only hit this toy takes in my opinion is the same hit I give to all hand held fuck-able toys. Yeah it feels good, but its pretty much just a slightly different feeling hand. The toy it self looks great and it make it easy to get lost in your imagination as you use it, but at the end of the day your still just masturbating. To fix this a lot of people on the forums have found interesting ways to mount there sleeve toys to get a truer sexual experience; everything from sandwiching it between your mattress and box spring, to mounting it in a shoe; or in the case of furs, suing it into a very large plush. Fleshlighttm has attempted to release a soultion to this problem in there Fleshlight Motiontm line. I’m not sure if the Bad Dragon Anthro Dragoness will be compatible with there mount, but it would be fun to find out. But with a price ranging from $89.95 to 149.95 it might discourage most people, especially after dropping $125 on the toy it self. What I would like to see is Bad-Dragon release there own mount modeled after Janine her self, maybe one with a usable tail…>.>

Bad Dragon
Come Get  someBad Dragon’s Anthro Dragoness only $125!*

We’ve been working hard to make the Anthro Dragoness a success, and so have you!  As a thank you to the community that has done so much to help us out, we’re lowering the base price of the toy once again to only $125 for one week only!

This sale will last Until June 8th 2010, so be sure to catch one soon!

And don’t forget, the Anthro Dragoness comes in a wide variety of colors now, as well as any custom solid color you can think of; so for those who want a truly custom experience catered to their own fantasies, feel free to ask for a custom coloration!

* – Base Price only, Custom colors not included
Click to buy now!

As an additional bonus, customers who took part in the dragoness Beta get $25 off their order!

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Exotic-Erotics 15% Off sale

That’s nice guys, but when is the Dragoneer toy coming out XP

Exotic-Erotics Newsletter

February 23, 2010

15% off ALL toys!

Announcing the release of our latest toy – the Orca!

You’ll be swimming in a sea of lust from the moment this boy slides out of the box (or into yours, as it were). Starting out teasingly narrow…your eyes – as well as other parts of your body – will quickly begin to grow as this whale of a challenge makes his way into you. The wild textures and veins could only be surpassed by mother nature herself! Take the plunge – you won’t regret it! The Orca is available in two sizes – Large and Small. This toy is available exclusively at Exotic-Erotics.com.

Remember to check our popular Charlie toy!  Get submersed in the amazing details of Charlie the quarter horse stud. You will feel every last minute detail that was captured from his throbbing phallus.  This silicone toy is 16″ long and is available exclusively at Exotic-Erotics.com!
Don’t miss the Wuffamute Pup and Bartlebee sale – buy a Wuffamute Pup and get Bartlebee for $35 off! That’s two great toys for $100 total. Bartlebee is a life-cast toy and Wuffamute is a fantasy toy. The best of both worlds! Add both toys to your cart and the discount will be reflected in the second step of the checkout. Wuffamute is available exclusively at Exotic-Erotics.com!

Orders can not be canceled once they have been placed, as each product is manufactured to order. Please place your orders with confidence.  Usually your toy will be manufactured within a few days of receiving your order, and it will be shipped immediately after manufacturing is complete.

Bad Dragon Adoptions

Bad Dragon
Adopt an undersexed toy today!Bad Dragon Adoptions: Get discounts on toys!
It’s that time ladies and gentlemen: adoption time! Bad Dragon has been toiling extensively for months with sales, holidays, and conventions, and with all those toys sold, we’ve occasionally had toys that don’t quite match our high standards.
Instead of just throwing these toys out, however we sell them at discounted rates! Most of these toys are just simple miscolorations or have minor manufacture defects and are fully useable. In fact, some are just old models we no longer sell like the original seadragon and the fennec!
All adoptions are 100% clean and have never left the workshop. Adoptions are not refurbished, just toys that weren’t up to the standards we impose on ourselves. A reminder: all sales of adoptions are final, no returns, no refunds, no alterations. There are no warranties on the adoptions.

Don’t forget to follow Bad Dragon on Furaffinity and Twitter to see the latest artwork and new releases!

ZetaPaws – New toys and January sale!


New toys!

It’s been awhile since we have had new toys for sale, but today we have four new toys! Three of them are silicone, the other is a gel.
Should you be interested, we have the highly anticipated Silicone kit fox finally up for sale. This is a great begginers toy. There is also the Silicone Expander and Silicone Keeper.
Prefer the gels? The gel toy just released is the Ruff daddy! This one is certainly not a beginners toy, but he will please those that can tame such a large guy.

January sale

We at Zetapaws are dedicated to giving you the customers great toys and great sales! This sale was originally a 1 day sale, but with such an astounding response to it, we had to bring it back… The 33% sale is back until the 4th of February! How great is that? New toys that you can get on sale for a huge discount!

Our address:
Judd Killam
121 Bearcat Drive
Sistersville, WV 26175
Copyright (C) 2009 ZetaPaws All rights reserved.

Zeta Creations 1 day 33% off Sale!


New Years sale and January’s contests
With another month and year gone, we can only hope you’ll enjoy it. Hopefully more now that you can get 33% off your entire order (exluding S&H) starting from January 2nd 3AM Est until January 3rd 3AM Est. We love you just that much.

Now, for those that don’t have money you can still get some lovin from us (and every month too). You just need to register on our forums (Click me to visit the forums) and register an account. Then check out the thread titled “Contests/promotions for the month” to see how to enter the free contest. You can also just click here to visit it directly. Following the instructions will enter you to win a silicone kit fox for free. No charge, you don’t even pay for shipping. Oh, and the silicone kit fox isn’t released yet, so get your hands on a brand new product absolutely free!

Those that do order, we still love you as well. If you order a silicone toy between January 1st and January 31st you can be entered to win one of three toys! The gel ruff dad, Silicone Kit fox and The keeper. Though, we have three toys up for grabs so that means there will be three winners! Isn’t that sale and this contest enticing?

Contest winners!
Ok, so above you got to see what we have to offer, but perhaps you entered in December’s? Well… Here’s the winners!
The winner for simply messaging the user on the forum is… Zoen!
The winner for ordering a silicone toy during the month of December is.. Order #797!

If no response is received, we will be doing a redraw.
Thanks for reading and we do hope you enjoy, be it with friends and family or new toys!

Our address:
Judd Killam
121 Bearcat Drive
Sistersville, WV 26175
Copyright (C) 2009 ZetaPaws All rights reserved.

Bad Dragon Holiday Sale!!

Bad Dragon
Let Bad Dragon stuff your turkey this year...Boxing Week Sale, 10% off all toys!*
The holidays are just around the corner, and everyone is looking to treat themselves to something special!

For this reason, Bad Dragon is offering a special deal this holiday season, coupled with two new features we’ve recently added to really make Bad Dragon gift-giving a breeze! (Ship’s tomorrow, and Bad Dragon gift-cards)

Starting December 26th, and ending December 31st, Bad Dragon’s boxing week sale is 10% off* all toys, no matter the color!
In addition to our boxing week sale, Bad Dragon has also created a new style of toys that will ship next day! These toys are called “Ship Now: Surprise me!”  This means the toys are already made, and by chosing off a list of existing sizes and firmnesses, we can ship your toys almost immediately!

In the spirits of the holiday, Bad Dragon will start making custom gift cards for your loved ones!  Just go to our BDBucks page, order the amount of BD bucks you wish to gift to your friend, and we’ll do the rest! **
Don’t forget to follow Bad Dragon on Furaffinity and Twitter to see the latest artwork and new releases!

*10% off the base price, which means it’s calculated before features or size differences are calculated into price.
**details on the BDbucks page.