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  1. Yes, You. The creator of the lube of the Ghodz! Seriously, my mate brought it home from Feral and…just wow, just wanna say thanks for a great product and I look forward to buying it by the gallon in the future.

  2. Hi! I am now officially a BunnyBoi lube fanboy, I”m sorry to say. I was at Feral, under the name Poochie and I bought a bottle. After coming home, I tried it out with my boyfriend… Sir, I am speechless. Even by just looking at the small drop I got from the free sample you were giving run down my finger so smoothly, I knew it had to be good. I just had no idea how terrific it truly was! I”m pretty sure my significant other also sent you a fanboy note. But I felt like I should thank you as well.

  3. Let me just say that this stuff is a masterpiece when it comes to lube. My mate happens to be a bunny boi himself, and I must say I”ve never heard him squeal so loud. He”s in love with the stuff and so am I. Now he”s gutsy enough to want to make ME want to lift my tail and I told him the only way he”ll get that is if there was a Fox Boi Lube… little to my knowledge.. .well I”m sure you get the point. Now he”s snickering, and I”m secretly asking you… gods, when is this stuff releasing?? I can”t wait to try it!

  4. I’ve been waiting to try Otterboi since I first heard about it and now that it’s here, I couldn”t be happier. It exceded all expectations, and my mate couldn”t agree more. Poor thing is resting with an icepack in the other room. I recomend this product be used in the shower with as much steam as you can get. My bunny could barely stand afterwards and I”m almost in the same condition! Thanks again, Alvcard, for your genious work and I hope to see more from you!

  5. I had an opportunity to put on a show and do some favors for a very good friend, I used the BunnyBoi lube and I have to admit, with that stuff i can take things that most porn stars cant take, the lube is amazing, lasts forever. After toying, and a round of yiff, I was still able to toy yet again without putting more in. excellent job BunnyBoi, Most excellent job.

  6. Well, First time I ever tried the OtterBoi lube… and immediately fell in love with it. It last longer and I’m going to try it underwater next time. Love it like hell…

  7. MROWL! I don”t think I will ever buy another brand of lube! I love how it feels, and my friend wouldn”t give me a break the first night we used it!! You don”t need a ton of it like you do with other lubes! I was definately one sore, happy, and VERY satisfied kitty that night. Thanks so much!!

  8. I have never had so much fun in my life to be honest x3. The feel of it is so divine and this certainly did not disappoint. I”m one very happy bunny boi who feels more of a faggot than he ever thought he was thanks to you XD. This bottle is going to be so unbelievably durable as I don”t need to use loads at once, I”m looking forward to a year filled with fun now :3. Thanks once again! <3

  9. I just love the super slippery feel of the DragonBoi Drool :9 I have to say that I can”t wait to try out the OtterBoi Lube with my fellow furry mate either. They are by far the best lubes that I have ever used and I will use no other. KUDOS to you :3

  10. We just bought a bottle of BunnyBoi Lube from FZ and it works allot better than anything else we have tried ^^ BunnyBoi is now his and my favorite lube ^^

  11. My bunny purchased two bottles of Bunnyboi before I even met him, and they are STILL going after two years of sex [of all varieties] with little over half a bottle used at each house :3 Very nice lube for those who like lots of loving

  12. Omfg, Alvcard, I LOVE this lube! Its fucking amazing!! <3 I use it ALL the fucking time and I refuse to use anything else unless I find something better, which I doubt!

    I first used it at anthrocon, as you know, and oh geez, amazing! My friend just slipped right on in! What's also worth noting is that, unlike other lube brands, you don't need to use a lot, so you can have one bottle for a long period of time! Its a really awesome deal!!

    Also, I find other brands of lube a bit irritating and not as comfortable to use. Bunnyboi lube is really comfortable and helps whether it comes to toy play or just regular play with a partner. I can't stress how amazing it feels inside of me <3

    The only embarrassing thing is when non-furry partners see the label and ask "Why is there a bunny butt on the label…?" But, who cares? It makes for good pillow talk after if you're unsure what to talk about! <3

    I LOVE this lube!! Thank you so much!

  13. I just bought a bunch for my friends and myself, and OH MY GOD it feels so good! it even TASTES good! I am so happy I ran into a card at Anthrocon 2012…. door to door service is a brilliant idea! Ended up just down the hall from me, but still an awesome idea! I’m going to get some every year <3 I love this stuff <3 Thank you Alvcard for being so awesome <3

  14. I bought two bottles, one of Bunnyboi for my friend, and one of Otterboi, for myself. The bunnyboi apparently went very well, on account of the profuse thanks I recieved for buying it.

    The otterboi lube was some of the best I’ve ever used- it IS slippery, but more than that its amazingly smooth- and my mate says that it doesn’t dull sensation like other mainstream lubricants do. And its waterproof- as a naughty seadragon, this was an important factor in buying it :3

  15. Now, my foxy boi mate and I have done our fair share of yiffing. But never, and I mean NEVER, have we encountered a lube such as this! I clearly remember the day I was first given some. I was being my typical slutty bunny self at a yiffy rave, and someone came up to me with a tray of what I thought were hallucinogens. Turns out, it was BunnyBoi brand personal lubricant! I had never used anything but storebrand lubricant before, but I figured “What the hell?” and decided to bring it home to my yiffy foxy mate. The second he slipped his below-average sized penis into me BOY, did I ever feel the difference! It was as if my entire insides had become lubricated! I lost most sensation in my anus due to this. But do I regret it? Not for a second. I have a theory, that when you boil it down, lube is about one thing and one thing only: that personal connection, that je-ne-sais-crois that intensifies the emotion between you and your yiffy lover. No lube has exemplified this better than BunnyBoi brand personal lubricant. Truly a fantastic brand, one that I will be recommending to friends, children, and elderly relatives. Thanks BunnyBoi!

  16. Just received 4 bunny lubes and tested, was very pleased with the product and will be ordering more when running low. aka what mate describers.
    Simba wions….

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