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Bad Dragon – The Anthro Dragon

The Anthro Dragon is probably one of my favorite Bad Dragon toy.

The Bad Dragon's Anthro Dragon
He's so sexy

Description from Bad-Dragon Website:

A long time ago, a dragon-slayer was sent on a quest by the local townsfolk to slay a rather angry dragon that had been terrorizing the neighbourhood. Upon reaching its lair, he discovered (to his pleasant surprise) that the dragon was in fact a dragoness, and she was in season…

The two of them engaged in a steamy night of…negotiations, and when they were done, the town was never terrorized again, but the result of that night is here and willing to have fun, many years later! The Anthro Dragon, part dragon, part human, and all fun!

The Anthro Dragon is one of our classics, brought back to you with the help of our 3D printing technology, allowing you to salivate over every little detail, and gives you three sizes to choose from!

Full Dimensions:

Size: small medium Large
Diameter of Head: 2.0 Inches 2.75 Inches 3.5 Inches
Circumference of Head: 5.5 Inches 7.75 Inches 10 Inches
Diameter of shaft: 1.75 Inches 2.25 Inches 3 Inches
Circumference of shaft: 5 Inches 7 Inches 9 Inches
Usable Length: 6.5 Inches 8 Inches 10 Inches
Total Length: 6.5 Inches 9 Inches 11.5 Inches

The Anthro dragon is the only toy we offer that comes with a core, however, it can only be purchased when you get a solid color, not with a fade. Also, split firmness and split colors are not possible on this toy due to the nature of its shape.

The Anthro Dragon can support a cumtube, but, as usual, it cannot be added to a small toy.

Includes a free 8oz/250ml bottle with the purchase of a cumtube. Purchase additional lube here.

Price:Small – $65.00
Medium – $110.00
Large – $170.00

Color Options:

  • Onyx Black
  • Fearly White
  • Fleshy Pink
  • Crimson Red
  • Royal Purple
  • Midnight Blue
  • Emerald Green
  • Golden Yellow
  • Earthy Brown
  • Custom Single Color(Price: + $ 5.00)
  • Light Natural (Pink to Blue/Purple)(Price: + $ 15.00)
  • Sly Midnight (Light Grey to Dark Grey)(Price: + $ 15.00)
  • Forest Brush (Pale Green to Dark Green)(Price: + $ 15.00)
  • Midnight Aquatic (Blue to Dark Blue)(Price: + $ 15.00)
  • Crimson Drake (Red to Dark Red)(Price: + $ 15.00)
  • Custom Fade (whole toy faded)(Price: + $ 15.00)
  • SURPRISE ME! (let us choose)

Firmness Options:

  • Soft (3)
  • Medium (5)
  • Hard (8)
  • Cored (Outside 3, Core 8)(Only Solid Colors)(Price: +$15.00)(HIGHLY BUNNY RECOMMENDED!!)

Witch one is right for you?

This toy is the only one that will actually trust it self in you, and that’s no joke; now lets see why…

The head of this toy is beautiful human looking with a really thick pulled back foreskin. This head might prove a problem to people not experience with blunt toys, and having the thickest part of the toy right near the tip might be a turn off to furs having trouble taking this toy at first; But once you get past it you’ll quickly learn why this is one of my favorite toys. Lets break it down with a math equation.

Thick head + Blunt Foreskin + Flexible Shaft = Dildo Rock-it

Once you get against the foreskin of the Anthro Dragon toy, you need to apply a lot of pressure to get it in, that energy is stored in its flexible shaft; and once foreskin slips in, the rest of the toy forces it self in with it. This is really an amazing feeling that will always catch you off guard. Other noteworthy additions to the head is a very slight urethra cut that adds to the realistic look of this toy, Bad Dragon always goes above and behold on the details.

The shaft of this toy has a very uniform thickness from head to base the. The Entire length of the toy is covered in a type of banded like belly scales, witch pulls off a really good look. It also has a very slight vain running on both sides of the toy, purely an aesthetic feature, but a good one!

Like many of the Bad Dragon toys, the base of the Anthro Dragon is adorned with a nice plump set of balls with the same banding as on the shaft. Both of mine stand up well on there own, witch is a feature I like in toys.

I would Fully recommend getting the split core featuer, espeally if going with the small model. The harder inside core will keep the toy shift while the softer outside core wont hurt when your using it.

When they first released this toy it was model in clay. But the second version of the toy, witch came out a few years ago was re-modeled and 3D printed. The 3D printing let them have much finer details and an over all cleaner look

Look Alike
I dont think it was done on purpose but the Bad Dragon Anthro Dragon toy totally looks like Broken wing. Every detail from the banded belly scales that run down the shaft, to the thick foreskin and plump balls. Identical. And when I get the full size verso, i’m totally getting it in the same colors XP

I for one think that’s a good thing, I like toys that relate to characters. The Wuffamumte toy, the Dragoneer toy (if its every released) if anyone knows any others let me know.