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Zeta Paws: Buck Rabbit

The Zeta Paws Rabbit toy is by far my favorite toy for beginners, and always the first I recommend for someones first toy purchase.

Toy Description from there Website:

Here is one that has been requested for quite awile now. This little guy will put a hop in your step and a grin on your face. It comes with a set of balls as the base, and as in real life, the penis emerges from between them instead of on top. He’s a perfect beginners toy and would go good with any toy collection. Would make a good match with the carrot toy.The measurements are 1″ across the tip, 8″ shaft, 1 1/2″ across near the base, 9 1/2″ from tip to base, 12″ total length.
SKU SKU161671
Weight 1.00 lbs
Price: $40.00 (€34.80)

  • Black
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Flesh
  • Natural(+$5)

  • Soft
  • Medium (Recommended)
  • Firm

  • BEST Beginner toy evea!
  • Great shape
  • Ease of uses
  • Price

  • A little small for advance users
  • suction cup base sucks

This toy will hop (and hump) its way into your heart…and butt. I’ve never seen a toy easier out of the box to lube up and shove in. It still has a nice shaft thickness going all the way down to its heart shaped base, and its flexible enough to take the entire thing with ease. The balls add stability to the toy for riding and make it imposable to get lost in there (Well nearly, never done it my self but I’ve heard horror stories about people getting just about any toy lost in them, know where its base is when playing.)

This toy is big enough to use in any position from any angle with just about anyone. Girls love it, boys love it, straight guys really love how easy it is. By far the best toy for beginners.

  • Shape: 7
    Most would say its a little of a dull shape, but for beginners, it has enough for them to feel it, with out being an intimating knot.
  • Value: 10
    $40 for the first toy I grab every time.
  • Overall: 8
    If they bring it over to silicone, This score will go up.