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15% off at Exptic-Erotics

Now if only they’d release the Dragoneer toy so i could take advantage of this sale

Exotic-Erotics Newsletter

March 26, 2010

15% off all toys until April 4!

Our silicone products come in three different firmnesses, and we’ve heard from many of our customers that they would like to see how our products feel, before purchasing.  We have a solution!  You can purchase sample materials in all three firmnesses, for $5.  The best part?  When you order a toy, you get your five bucks back!  So why wait?  Order now!
Our Mascot, Cody, wanted to get in on the action!

… so we let him shine! Cody is a lusty young Anthro stud and is looking forward to seeing how many of you he can please with his new ability to send certain parts of himself abroad.

His lovely phallus, sheath, and balls have been reproduced for your repeated enjoyment. He’s only available in one perfectly proportioned size currently. The head is a bit smaller then our life-cast Silver toy, so he is a lovely size for everyone to enjoy!

Remember, Cody is our mascot… so he’s only available at!

Check out our other recent creations!

You’ll be swimming in a sea of lust from the moment this boy slides out of the box (or into yours, as it were). Starting out teasingly narrow…your eyes – as well as other parts of your body – will quickly begin to grow as this whale of a challenge makes his way into you. The wild textures and veins could only be surpassed by mother nature herself! Take the plunge – you won’t regret it! The Orca is available in two sizes – Large and Small. This toy is available exclusively at!
Don’t miss the Wuffamute Pup and Bartlebee sale – buy a Wuffamute Pup and get Bartlebee for $35 off! That’s two great toys for $100 total. Bartlebee is a life-cast toy and Wuffamute is a fantasy toy. The best of both worlds! Add both toys to your cart and the discount will be reflected in the second step of the checkout. Wuffamute is available exclusively at!

Orders can not be canceled once they have been placed, as each product is manufactured to order. Please place your orders with confidence.  Usually your toy will be manufactured within a few days of receiving your order, and it will be shipped immediately after manufacturing is complete.

Bad Dragon Anthro Dragoness

Bad Dragon
Come Get  someThis is it, the Anthro Dragoness is less than 24 hours away!
The Anthro Dragoness, in all her scaly glory, is going to be released on the 9th March 2010, at 1pm PST (4PM EST, 9PM GMT, 10pm CET)!
Our most anticipated toy to date, the Dragoness represents the first generally available scaly-themed female toy on the market today.
As an additional bonus, customers who took part in the dragoness Beta get $25 off their order!

Don’t forget to follow Bad Dragon on Furaffinity and Twitter to see the latest artwork and new releases!

First Post

I will make a real formal first post later but for now I’ll just post this.

Bunnyboi Lube is a fun company to run and in order to test it I’ve amassed quite the collection of toys. If the toy exists, I’ve herd of it, tried it, or maybe I will try it. This blog will be full of smut, advice, and spooge