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Equine Cock is a work of Art

A lot of people ask me why I have so many toys, The main reason is aesthetics; I just like the way they look. Nothing illustrates that more then my newest acquisition, a roughly 2ft tall glass horse cock statue.

Out of all the toys I own, I just love the way equines look the most. The bold flared head. thick powerful shaft, that…ring thing half way down ( no clue what its called but its by far my favorite part, ) supportive base. This glass statue was created by a friend of mine when we were talking about the subject a few nights ago. He knocked out this great example of equinesniss in only a few hours and it will forever now live on my computer desk as a work of art. If you are interested in obtaining your own Huge glass horse cock contact me, The artist has agreed to make a few more, but keep in mind these are pieces of art, and will cost $100+ depending on complexity, email me with the details you want, and I’ll pass it along

Here are all my Equine toys.
Here are all my Equine toys.


From the top down
Zeta Creations Thor
: Love the way this toy looks. Its heavy and the shape is very well defined. But sadly its vinyl so every time I take it out I have to wash the residue off of it. If they ever remake a silicone version; I’ll buy it.
Custom Glass Statue: The Newest member in my stable. Had the pleasure of watching the artist create this one, and it will forever be on display in my house as a work of art.
Bad Dragon Chance Flared: Now we’re getting into the usable sizes for me, This is the medium one. Now I’m not the biggest fan of dramatic flares on a toy, but Bad Dragon always has a way of making the details on there toys really standout. Wish they put more detail on the Sheath ring.
Zeta Creations Equine: I forget the exact name of this toy, and it is no longer available on the ZetaPawz website since they retired all there old vinyl toys. Its fun to use and the coloring on it is very well done, only complaint is it being made of vinyl
Bad Dragon Chance UnFlared: Pretty much the same toy as the flared, but with out the flare. When I’m actually in the mood to use a horse toy, this is the one I reach for first. Smooth, easy to use great detail.


From Exotic-Erotics
From Exotic-Erotics

Another great company to look towards for great equine toys is Exotic-Erotics, pictured above. I don’t have any of there equine toys yet, but each is cast from a real stallion so the details on them are spot on, they even offer a double ended model! They’re a premium price, but my next equine will surely be from them. (I’d buy it sooner if they ever released that Dragoneer toy >.<)

Horse toys are almost never my first choice when I’m just in the mood to toy, but from a purely aesthetics stance, they are my favorite.

Toy Type: Butt Plug

The Butt plug, a main stable in any toy users tool box, and they aren’t just for gay men.

The Butt Plug

When I first started, Butt plugs weren’t something that interested me; I’m not into stretching for stretching sake, I have no desire to walk around in public using one. But I have developed a liking for these simple toys.

Butt Plugs work really well. Butt plugs; as the name describes, are meant to be inserted into the butt, and plug them self in. An orgasm while useing a butt plug will be more longer, more intense and satisfying.

The way it Works

Butt plugs work very simply, you insert it into your butt… Ok there is more.  Once you get past the largest part of the butt plug, your sphincter closes around the “waist” of the toy and it preventing the plug from slipping out unintentionally. You leave it in while you reach orgasm, wither you know it or not, every muscle in your body contracts during a orgasm, and while your sphincter is clenching around the butt plug, it will rub ageist your prostate. Increasing the duration and magnitude of your orgasm. Simply put, butt plugs increase your orgasmic pleasure.

K9 shaped “Knotting” toys often work the same way (tho usually to a lesser degree.) I find knotting toys great, but don’t hold in as well as Butt plugs. If your a fur and enjoy the kinky ness of knotting, get both, butt plugs are much cheaper and you might find you like them more then knots.

These work because milking a prostate increases a male orgasm, its our Gspot.

Butt plugs are also used just for stretching, getting a large enough toy in there so you can relax and just get used to being opened up that much, and if your the kind of person who wants to see how big they can go, butt plugs will be your friend in that journey.

How to start

Lots of companies have butt plugs in 3 packs, in graduating sizes, these are great. If your new to Butt plugs or toys in general, start slow! Always start slow, you don’t have to be in a rush to get to the fisting. Use plenty of lube, and put a condom on the toy if your worried about…what comes naturally from anal sex.

Prostate Stimulator

There are direct marketed prostate stimulator. While these are better at stimulating the prostate, they aren’t as big as butt plugs, and are often much more expensive. If you just want your prostate stimulated and not the stretching or knotting aspect of a dildo, these are great toys.

Where to Buy

Till I can sell my soul and partner up with toy websites to bouts about I have no one site to recommend. If you shop around you should be able to find a 3 pack of different size toys for under $20, great deal! And don’t go doing the typical furry thing and get the one with a tail on it, it might seam like a fun idea, but trust me, they just make a mess.

Final Point

If you like toys, You’ll like Butt plugs. Take them, enjoy them, have fun, be safe.