Bad Dragon Holiday Sale!!

Bad Dragon
Let Bad Dragon stuff your turkey this year...Boxing Week Sale, 10% off all toys!*
The holidays are just around the corner, and everyone is looking to treat themselves to something special!

For this reason, Bad Dragon is offering a special deal this holiday season, coupled with two new features we’ve recently added to really make Bad Dragon gift-giving a breeze! (Ship’s tomorrow, and Bad Dragon gift-cards)

Starting December 26th, and ending December 31st, Bad Dragon’s boxing week sale is 10% off* all toys, no matter the color!
In addition to our boxing week sale, Bad Dragon has also created a new style of toys that will ship next day! These toys are called “Ship Now: Surprise me!”  This means the toys are already made, and by chosing off a list of existing sizes and firmnesses, we can ship your toys almost immediately!

In the spirits of the holiday, Bad Dragon will start making custom gift cards for your loved ones!  Just go to our BDBucks page, order the amount of BD bucks you wish to gift to your friend, and we’ll do the rest! **
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*10% off the base price, which means it’s calculated before features or size differences are calculated into price.
**details on the BDbucks page.

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