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Bad Dragon Adoptions

Bad Dragon
Adopt an undersexed toy today!Bad Dragon Adoptions: Get discounts on toys!
It’s that time ladies and gentlemen: adoption time! Bad Dragon has been toiling extensively for months with sales, holidays, and conventions, and with all those toys sold, we’ve occasionally had toys that don’t quite match our high standards.
Instead of just throwing these toys out, however we sell them at discounted rates! Most of these toys are just simple miscolorations or have minor manufacture defects and are fully useable. In fact, some are just old models we no longer sell like the original seadragon and the fennec!
All adoptions are 100% clean and have never left the workshop. Adoptions are not refurbished, just toys that weren’t up to the standards we impose on ourselves. A reminder: all sales of adoptions are final, no returns, no refunds, no alterations. There are no warranties on the adoptions.

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