Life has been busy down at the BunnyBoi Ranch. Almost everything I need to start back up the lube line is in stock, just waiting on the bottle caps. Once they come in I’ll be able to crank out 3 gallons of lube. Expect to see Bunnyboi, OtterBoi, and Dragonboi Drool Lubes on sale starting next week.

In other updates…I got Thor

It looks big here, but Its even bigger
It looks big here, but Its even bigger

No, This toy will never see any actual use, but it will sure be the butt end of many of my jokes : P I have 3 ideas about where to store it.

  • Inside a “In case of emergency brake glass” box
  • Shotgun/sword Rack
  • Standing on a table with a lap shade over the head

If you have any more ideas on good storage for this big guy, let me know.

4 thoughts on “Update”

  1. How about hanging that beauty from the bottom of a shelf, with a big bucket of flowers underneath as if they had gotten a gift of life. Oh yes, careful town you mount it, just in case you chabg your mind and want to mount it

  2. Your posts confuses me, the Zeta Paws Oskar horse toy only costs $75, Did you try contacting them? brownbear might be slow on his orders, but he’s never screwed me.

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