Zeta Creations 1 day 33% off Sale!


New Years sale and January’s contests
With another month and year gone, we can only hope you’ll enjoy it. Hopefully more now that you can get 33% off your entire order (exluding S&H) starting from January 2nd 3AM Est until January 3rd 3AM Est. We love you just that much.

Now, for those that don’t have money you can still get some lovin from us (and every month too). You just need to register on our forums (Click me to visit the forums) and register an account. Then check out the thread titled “Contests/promotions for the month” to see how to enter the free contest. You can also just click here to visit it directly. Following the instructions will enter you to win a silicone kit fox for free. No charge, you don’t even pay for shipping. Oh, and the silicone kit fox isn’t released yet, so get your hands on a brand new product absolutely free!

Those that do order, we still love you as well. If you order a silicone toy between January 1st and January 31st you can be entered to win one of three toys! The gel ruff dad, Silicone Kit fox and The keeper. Though, we have three toys up for grabs so that means there will be three winners! Isn’t that sale and this contest enticing?

Contest winners!
Ok, so above you got to see what we have to offer, but perhaps you entered in December’s? Well… Here’s the winners!
The winner for simply messaging the user on the forum is… Zoen!
The winner for ordering a silicone toy during the month of December is.. Order #797!

If no response is received, we will be doing a redraw.
Thanks for reading and we do hope you enjoy, be it with friends and family or new toys!

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Sistersville, WV 26175
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2 thoughts on “Zeta Creations 1 day 33% off Sale!”

  1. The silicone kit fox IS released as of today. 😉
    And the nice thing is…you can´t just get it from the US but from europe too!
    (Just arrived 3 days prior to this toys seeing the official light of day.)


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