Update on Dragoneers penis!

I think that’s the best title I’ve ever had.

I risked everything to sneak into the Exotic-Erotics laboratories to get a picture of the first 3D printed Dragoneer toy… The “Neer” o.o
It was a very dangerous mission, my ass was literally at risk ( I mean come on have you seen some of there toys.) Ok not really some one just send me the pictures.

the first 3D printed Dragoneer toy
the first 3D printed Dragoneer toy

From what I’ve told the over all length of the toy is just under 8.5 inches and from the picture we can see it is very thick. The bluntness of the head and the…tentacles behind it still give me a little pause when trying to imagine if this will be a good toy for my self, but I can’t wait to find out. I’ve only been told about this one size option, but that there may be more to fallow like they did with the Wuffamute toy. While this is great for people, like my self, who cant handle the awesomeness power that is the full size Dragoneer, it just really means i get to buy 2 or 3 different versions of the same exact toy XP

As the technology to make 3D printed toys becomes more accessible and cheaper, I hope we see a lot of well known cocks doing this. I still really want to see a NachT toy, piercings and all. Think about it, a Twile toy, complete with furry textured testicles, Demi-Gleen Cock black and sleek with a knot that will make you cry, Blast-Goggles, huge and even more piercings. I’m sure some furs would be weirded out by the idea of there penis being used by anyone who can pay for it, for others it’ll just feed there well deserved ego.

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