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Aneros – Male G-Spot Stimulator

One of the first toys I got at RMFC was the Aneros Male G-Spot Stimulator. This was my first donated toy, witch is awesome. Best way to get me to review a toy fast is to give it to me : P.

The box says “Have Courage” and “Experience the Evolution in the art of the male orgasm”, and I must say it lives up to both clams. The model I was given was the Progasm-ICE

For a $67 toy this one is well worth it. I used to think prostate stimulator were just a gimmick, but I must say this toy really works and is easy to use. The head being 1 1/4th inches wide might be a little changeling for beginners, but anyone experienced should have no problem. Aneros also makes smaller models for the less experienced. Once you get the toy all the way in its really comfortable, unlike a butt plug that your always aware of, this toy i could easily see forgetting about; till i moved and got the jolt of pleasure to my prostate. I didn’t feel “Perineum Abutment” and “Kundalini K-Tab” pushing on anything that added to the pleasure, but they did make it really easy to remove the toy, and for people who get to eager, almost impossible to insert the whole toy.


  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Works as advertised.

Now this toy wasn’t perfect. The Aneros Prograsm – Ice is made of an award-winning, FDA approved, medical and food grade plastic which is rapidly being used as a replacement for glass because it does not break. I would rather see this toy it some type of Pyrex, the plastic they used doesn’t seem to hold lube as well as other Pyrex toys I’ve used. There was also a slight sharp edge along the mold line on some parts of the toy, Nothing major enough to injure, but just something I noticed while lubing it up.


  • Material could have been better.
  • Small sharp edges on toy should have been caught in production.

Over all I would recommend this toy to other people. Its fun, its easy and it works!