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Custom – Tentacle

The next few reviews will be on custom toys a friend made for me.

The Tentacle

Tentacles are a pretty standard model for dildos, almost every company has a tentacle model. A blogger I read; True Pleasures, even has a Tentacle Tuesday theme devoted to all the Tentacle toys that come out.

Most tend to be the same, gentle tapered cone with dimples on one side that look like suckers. From the Zeta Paws Tentacle; who’s suckers cant be felt at all, Bad-Dragons Tentacle; better but still pretty bland. This Tentacle may look simple, but its got some amazing things going on.


This Custom Tentacle toy has a lot of very interesting things going on. This toy feels drastically different depend on how you use it. The entire side of the Tentacle is very smooth from tip to base, with a firm ridge running along the underside where the Suckers are. These Suckers have a really aggressive feeling to them.


This toy has a perfect base, large wide flat flare that keeps the toy standing. For only his 2nd or 3rd toy you can tell he’s put a lot of though into the actual use of this toy.


Unlike almost every tentacle toy out there, this one has a knot, and a very reasonable and fun knot at that. Having said that, This knot was really hard for me to take, not because of the knot it self, but because of the Base of the toy.

The ridge that run along the side of the toy continue down to the knot and bottom of the usable part of this toy but that lip is very close to the base. I’ve got a big bubble butt, and with most positions was unable to get past that lip with out the base of the toy getting in the way.

A small design flaw for me, but not one that will impede many other people

While this toy is very fun and has a lot of amazing details in use, Its also is just a little too firm aggressive for my tastes. Its the Best tentacle toy I’ve ever used, but not a toy I’d use every night.

As long as Bad hentai and fanboys exist, so will tentacle toys, not that I mind, they can be very sexy. I only hope more can be made like this one. Tentacles that actually feel like tentacles, not just weird cones. As of yet there are no plans to mass produce this model, so if you would like to try this toy, better try and contact me directly ^.~