4 thoughts on “Full Collection update.”

  1. Crazy collection there.

    I’d hate to own that many toys. Eventually I’d start to “only use that toy because it’s pretty much the same as this toy, but overall better”. I’ve got 8 toys total from a Bad-Dragon, Furrystyle.com, and Erotic-Exotics. I’ve got a humble, but good variety in shapes, sizes, and hardnesses.

  2. Looking at your photos, nice btw, I see several very long, thin, snake-like toys. A yellow one on the chair and a dark red one on the jug and a black one. Where did you get those? I’ve been looking for something VERY long and slender… like forever. I’m curious to see how deep one can go? Please, please please tell me where to get one. Thanks, peace and love.

    1. They are actually an April 1st fools day gag from Bad-Dragon.com, modeled after the crow bar from half-life. they were only available to buy for that one day. But if you want to see how deep you can go, the crow bar is a bad toy to use, it just kinda bunches up inside and doesn’t go too deep. If you really want to go deep, get a long double headed toy.

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