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Bad Dragon Female Toys

Currently Bad Dragon has 3 female toys. Pictured here from Left to right, Natascha The Anthro Husky, Janine The Anthro Dragoness, and Mary The Anthro Mare. All are great toys with there own unique feels and personalities.

Natascha The Anthro Husk

Natascha is the newest female toy from bad dragon. She is the tightest of the 3, so tight in fact that I discovered a small tear on the bottom of the opening. I want to state upfront that I don’t think this is Bad Dragons fault; I will contact them about it, but I think I was just too rough with her : P. The body is almost the same girth as its head and its very easy to hold onto. The silicone does feel softer then my other two toys as well. The texture inside is nice with out being over done and fake like some of the flesh light models. The opening and shaft are the same diameter, really easy to use for a fun ride.

Janine the Anthro Dragoness

Janine was there first attempt at a female toy and is a close second for tightest, mostly because her silicone is much firmer then Natascha. The opening is bigger, but the canal is smaller creating a funnel that just pulls you in. The out side of the toy has very crisp lines that define her form nicely, the detail on the Labia and Clitoris are stunning.The handle part of this toy is much thinner then the other two, and its harder to hold onto in use, but that does make it easier to squeeze just when you want too.

Mary The Anthro Mare

My clear favorite of the 3. Just take a minute to study the detail they put into her, the slight ridges on the Labia, the large Clitoris, the huge front; make this toy the most visually appealing of the bunch, to me anyway. I find that this toy falls in the middle of Janine and Natascha in terms of internal texture, but I find it to be the best balance. She has much more room to work with, but still remains almost as tight as the other two

Bad dragons female toys have definitely evolved from there first attempt with Janine. Each succession the handle gets thicker and easier to hold onto, the silicone gets softer and more flexible, the internal texture more subdued and subtle. Each small change produced a dramatically different toy, just as good as the one before, but with a slightly different feel. If you get a chance to try all 3 you won’t have a problem picking your favorite, but you might have a problem explaining why.

Equine Cock is a work of Art

A lot of people ask me why I have so many toys, The main reason is aesthetics; I just like the way they look. Nothing illustrates that more then my newest acquisition, a roughly 2ft tall glass horse cock statue.

Out of all the toys I own, I just love the way equines look the most. The bold flared head. thick powerful shaft, that…ring thing half way down ( no clue what its called but its by far my favorite part, ) supportive base. This glass statue was created by a friend of mine when we were talking about the subject a few nights ago. He knocked out this great example of equinesniss in only a few hours and it will forever now live on my computer desk as a work of art. If you are interested in obtaining your own Huge glass horse cock contact me, The artist has agreed to make a few more, but keep in mind these are pieces of art, and will cost $100+ depending on complexity, email me with the details you want, and I’ll pass it along

Here are all my Equine toys.
Here are all my Equine toys.


From the top down
Zeta Creations Thor
: Love the way this toy looks. Its heavy and the shape is very well defined. But sadly its vinyl so every time I take it out I have to wash the residue off of it. If they ever remake a silicone version; I’ll buy it.
Custom Glass Statue: The Newest member in my stable. Had the pleasure of watching the artist create this one, and it will forever be on display in my house as a work of art.
Bad Dragon Chance Flared: Now we’re getting into the usable sizes for me, This is the medium one. Now I’m not the biggest fan of dramatic flares on a toy, but Bad Dragon always has a way of making the details on there toys really standout. Wish they put more detail on the Sheath ring.
Zeta Creations Equine: I forget the exact name of this toy, and it is no longer available on the ZetaPawz website since they retired all there old vinyl toys. Its fun to use and the coloring on it is very well done, only complaint is it being made of vinyl
Bad Dragon Chance UnFlared: Pretty much the same toy as the flared, but with out the flare. When I’m actually in the mood to use a horse toy, this is the one I reach for first. Smooth, easy to use great detail.


From Exotic-Erotics
From Exotic-Erotics

Another great company to look towards for great equine toys is Exotic-Erotics, pictured above. I don’t have any of there equine toys yet, but each is cast from a real stallion so the details on them are spot on, they even offer a double ended model! They’re a premium price, but my next equine will surely be from them. (I’d buy it sooner if they ever released that Dragoneer toy >.<)

Horse toys are almost never my first choice when I’m just in the mood to toy, but from a purely aesthetics stance, they are my favorite.

Custom – Tentacle

The next few reviews will be on custom toys a friend made for me.

The Tentacle

Tentacles are a pretty standard model for dildos, almost every company has a tentacle model. A blogger I read; True Pleasures, even has a Tentacle Tuesday theme devoted to all the Tentacle toys that come out.

Most tend to be the same, gentle tapered cone with dimples on one side that look like suckers. From the Zeta Paws Tentacle; who’s suckers cant be felt at all, Bad-Dragons Tentacle; better but still pretty bland. This Tentacle may look simple, but its got some amazing things going on.


This Custom Tentacle toy has a lot of very interesting things going on. This toy feels drastically different depend on how you use it. The entire side of the Tentacle is very smooth from tip to base, with a firm ridge running along the underside where the Suckers are. These Suckers have a really aggressive feeling to them.


This toy has a perfect base, large wide flat flare that keeps the toy standing. For only his 2nd or 3rd toy you can tell he’s put a lot of though into the actual use of this toy.


Unlike almost every tentacle toy out there, this one has a knot, and a very reasonable and fun knot at that. Having said that, This knot was really hard for me to take, not because of the knot it self, but because of the Base of the toy.

The ridge that run along the side of the toy continue down to the knot and bottom of the usable part of this toy but that lip is very close to the base. I’ve got a big bubble butt, and with most positions was unable to get past that lip with out the base of the toy getting in the way.

A small design flaw for me, but not one that will impede many other people

While this toy is very fun and has a lot of amazing details in use, Its also is just a little too firm aggressive for my tastes. Its the Best tentacle toy I’ve ever used, but not a toy I’d use every night.

As long as Bad hentai and fanboys exist, so will tentacle toys, not that I mind, they can be very sexy. I only hope more can be made like this one. Tentacles that actually feel like tentacles, not just weird cones. As of yet there are no plans to mass produce this model, so if you would like to try this toy, better try and contact me directly ^.~

Bad Dragon – Chance the Stallion (Unflared)

I have never been a big fan of horse toys, Heads are always too blunt, shafts never have enough detail to interest me. Bad-Dragon‘s first horse toy is much different.

The Bad Dragon's Chance (unflared)
Looking good there

Description from Bad-Dragon Website:

Meet Chance! He’s a thoroughbred stallion of the highest pedigree, chosen from a line of selectively bred stallions for strength, endurance, and most of all, their absolutely massive cock size!

We met Chance a while back, while he was out at a track meet with Razor, our doberman model. Though he wasn’t the sporty type, he is a legend on the race track, after all, he was bred just for this reason. Lucky for us, the track isn’t the only place he excels.

This model was taken before he got fully excited, which is great for beginners because the head is still tapered, sleek, and slender enough for easy penetration. The Design, however, still supports a cumtube so you can get the wonderful feel of being filled even without the massive flare.

A fully flared, post-orgasm version of this toy can be found Here (Don’t own him yet, but maybe soon!)

Full Dimensions:

Size: small medium Large
Diameter of Head: 1.4 Inches 1.9 Inches 2.9 Inches
Circumference of Head: 4.2 Inches 6 Inches 9 Inches
Diameter of shaft: 1.2 Inches 1.9 Inches 2.8 Inches
Circumference of shaft: 4.5 Inches 6.4 Inches 9 Inches
Total Length: 8.4 Inches 12 Inches 17.4 Inches
Useable Length: 7.1 Inches 10.2 Inches 14.8 Inches

Chance Comes with our full array of splits and blends, and for the first time ever, marbled coloring! Chose “Natural” to get the pink and brown marbling with a black base as seen in the images; chose ‘custom marbled’ for a full-toy two-colored marbling effect, or chose ‘custom marble/split’ to have the shaft marbled two colors, and the base/balls a seperate color!

Chance supports a cumtube in the medium and large sizes only.

(Includes a free 8oz/250ml bottle with the purchase of a cumtube) Here.


Small – $65.00
Medium – $100.00
Large – $175.00

Witch one is right for you?

A really good looking horse toy, and of course Bad-Dragon signature set of nice balls to go along with it.


Not as flat as you would expect from an equine toy. He is a horse at heart tho, so dont expect it to be a smooth entrance; this thoroughbred makes his presences known. Like on most toys, I find the head to be the hardest part to take, because this toy has a very long slender shaft, the head has its own mind about where it wants to go, and forcing it in can take some practice. But once you get that head in you’ll have no problems.

The flare part on this unflared toy is still there, but no where near as big as it is in the flared version (obviously). In all my experiences, once you start to get that head in, the rest will follow with ease. A note of warning, because of how it comes back after the head, you should expect this toy not to come out very clean, not a big deal if you ask me, but some people hate that.


A Really long fun shaft in any size toy, the preputial ring(yes I had t look it up) is really evident while not being hard to conquer. This is a really fun shaft to ride if you can get into the right position for it. Perfect toy to use with a partner or some help, Just let them do the work and enjoy the sensations.

Like many of the Bad Dragon toys, the base of Chance is adorned with a nice plump set of balls. BD also has the option to make split firmness toys with the balls being a firmer silicone then the rest of the toy. This is a nice option to have, but unless you find your self needing it to help the toy stand up, or you just like firm balls, not really necessary.

I love the color on this toy

I always get toys with the “surprise me” color option, the guys at Bad-Dragon know what they’re doing and when left to be creative can do some really interesting things!
Other then the split firmness for the balls, the only other option available is a cum tube. If you enjoy the idea of a horse cumming in/on you. Go for it!

Bad Dragon – Duke The Bad Dragon

Bad-Dragon has never been a first stop for newbie but Duke changes that all. Go buy it now, do it or you suck.

Lubed up and ready to go.

Description from Bad-Dragon Website:

Successful CEO of an international modeling firm by day, adult entertainer by night, Duke the bad dragon spends all of his waking hours catering to those who need his services. If he’s not using his creative eye to get the best out of his talent, he’s getting in front of the camera himself for a steamy show.

Duke has been with us since the start, so when we asked to get a few castings of his ‘talent’, he couldn’t help but give us what we want. After all, it wasn’t hard to convince him once he realized just how many people he could please. After all, Duke loves to show the other dragons how it’s done, and there’d no doubt he’s one of the sexiest we’ve cast!

Just imagine what kind of positions his secretary had to go through to get that job; perhaps he can put you through a few too, just for fun.

Full Dimensions:

Size: small(own) medium Large(own)
Diameter of Head: 1.5 Inches 2 Inches 2.75 Inches
Circumference of Head: 4.5 Inches 6.1 Inches 8 Inches
Diameter of shaft: 1.25 Inches 2.2 Inches 2.75 Inches
Circumference of shaft: 4.75 Inches 6.5 Inches 8.5 Inches
Total Length: 6.2 Inches 9 Inches 11.8 Inches
Useable Length: 5.2 Inches 7.5 Inches 9.5 Inches

You can order the medium and large Duke with a cumtube! Duke Supports all faded colors, but not split colors or firmnesses. Due to the shape of the base, Duke does not support a suction cup.

(Includes a free 8oz/250ml bottle with the purchase of a cumtube) Here.

Small – $65.00
Medium – $100.00
Large – $145.00

Witch one is right for you?

A really good looking Dragon toy, easy to take, and fun to use, and of course Bad-Dragon signature set of nice balls to go along with it.


The Head on Duke here is really easy to take, hard to master. I have two sizes of this toy, small and large, for me, the small is a perfect toy to start with. The large one is more just to look at and for when i’m feeling adventurous XP.


Once you crest over the head the shaft won’t give you much trouble, it has a genital taper from just behind the head to the base. I love the detailing on it, from the veins that stick out, to the very subtle corpus spongiosum.

I love penis veins

Very broad flat base. They dont have the option to have a suction cup base but you really dont need it, this base has enough service area to really stay in place when you need it too. And the big balls make it very easy to hold onto, even when lubed up.

Cumtube available in the medium and large sizes, if you enjoy that go for it, I’ll have a review on the cumtubs coming up soon

Aneros – Male G-Spot Stimulator

One of the first toys I got at RMFC was the Aneros Male G-Spot Stimulator. This was my first donated toy, witch is awesome. Best way to get me to review a toy fast is to give it to me : P.

The box says “Have Courage” and “Experience the Evolution in the art of the male orgasm”, and I must say it lives up to both clams. The model I was given was the Progasm-ICE

For a $67 toy this one is well worth it. I used to think prostate stimulator were just a gimmick, but I must say this toy really works and is easy to use. The head being 1 1/4th inches wide might be a little changeling for beginners, but anyone experienced should have no problem. Aneros also makes smaller models for the less experienced. Once you get the toy all the way in its really comfortable, unlike a butt plug that your always aware of, this toy i could easily see forgetting about; till i moved and got the jolt of pleasure to my prostate. I didn’t feel “Perineum Abutment” and “Kundalini K-Tab” pushing on anything that added to the pleasure, but they did make it really easy to remove the toy, and for people who get to eager, almost impossible to insert the whole toy.


  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Works as advertised.

Now this toy wasn’t perfect. The Aneros Prograsm – Ice is made of an award-winning, FDA approved, medical and food grade plastic which is rapidly being used as a replacement for glass because it does not break. I would rather see this toy it some type of Pyrex, the plastic they used doesn’t seem to hold lube as well as other Pyrex toys I’ve used. There was also a slight sharp edge along the mold line on some parts of the toy, Nothing major enough to injure, but just something I noticed while lubing it up.


  • Material could have been better.
  • Small sharp edges on toy should have been caught in production.

Over all I would recommend this toy to other people. Its fun, its easy and it works!

RMFC report

RMFC this year was great!!

I just got back from RMFC, and I must say, it was there best year yet! I had lots of fun, met lots of new furs, reconnected with old ones, and got some new toys : P

I got to meet up with some of the guys who run Bad Dragon, really nice group of people. Spent a few hours talking with them about toys, lube and what we should expect to see coming out of there studio in the future, and I’m excited.  Purchased a few new toys, witch they were nice enough to give me a really good deal on, and I look foward to reviewing them soon. So expect new reviews to start coming out in the next few days.

I’m also trying to set up some type of affiliate program with them, not for money, just for a discount on the toys we know I’ll be buying later XP. So if one of my reviews inspired you to order something from them or anyone else; pass along my name to them.

Bad Dragon – The Anthro Dragoness is on Sale

I can not express how much better this toy is then other of the same type. I own 4 different Fake cock sleeve type toys, and out of all of them, the Bad Dragon Anthro Dragoness is the best. To call it a just another cock sleeve wouldn’t doing it justice.

Janine, The Anthro Dragoness is the best sleeve toy I’ve ever used, the modeling is perfect, and the texture inside only ads to your enjoyment. I wasn’t lucky enough to get into the beta testing group, but rather the first run of toys when it was released, the ice blue color they came in was beautiful and compliment the overall appearance of the toy.

Its now available in 9 standard colors, 1 premium color and the option of any custom color you want; And with it being on sale till June 8th, now is the perfect time to pick up your own Dragoness! See ad below for links, Tell them the BunnyBoi sent you ^.^

The only hit this toy takes in my opinion is the same hit I give to all hand held fuck-able toys. Yeah it feels good, but its pretty much just a slightly different feeling hand. The toy it self looks great and it make it easy to get lost in your imagination as you use it, but at the end of the day your still just masturbating. To fix this a lot of people on the forums have found interesting ways to mount there sleeve toys to get a truer sexual experience; everything from sandwiching it between your mattress and box spring, to mounting it in a shoe; or in the case of furs, suing it into a very large plush. Fleshlighttm has attempted to release a soultion to this problem in there Fleshlight Motiontm line. I’m not sure if the Bad Dragon Anthro Dragoness will be compatible with there mount, but it would be fun to find out. But with a price ranging from $89.95 to 149.95 it might discourage most people, especially after dropping $125 on the toy it self. What I would like to see is Bad-Dragon release there own mount modeled after Janine her self, maybe one with a usable tail…>.>

Bad Dragon
Come Get  someBad Dragon’s Anthro Dragoness only $125!*

We’ve been working hard to make the Anthro Dragoness a success, and so have you!  As a thank you to the community that has done so much to help us out, we’re lowering the base price of the toy once again to only $125 for one week only!

This sale will last Until June 8th 2010, so be sure to catch one soon!

And don’t forget, the Anthro Dragoness comes in a wide variety of colors now, as well as any custom solid color you can think of; so for those who want a truly custom experience catered to their own fantasies, feel free to ask for a custom coloration!

* – Base Price only, Custom colors not included
Click to buy now!

As an additional bonus, customers who took part in the dragoness Beta get $25 off their order!

Don’t forget to follow Bad Dragon on Furaffinity and Twitter to see the latest artwork and new releases!

Meet “Bad Dragon” himself on Furaffinity
Follow him on Twitter!

15% off at Exptic-Erotics

Now if only they’d release the Dragoneer toy so i could take advantage of this sale

Exotic-Erotics Newsletter

March 26, 2010

15% off all toys until April 4!

Our silicone products come in three different firmnesses, and we’ve heard from many of our customers that they would like to see how our products feel, before purchasing.  We have a solution!  You can purchase sample materials in all three firmnesses, for $5.  The best part?  When you order a toy, you get your five bucks back!  So why wait?  Order now!
Our Mascot, Cody, wanted to get in on the action!

… so we let him shine! Cody is a lusty young Anthro stud and is looking forward to seeing how many of you he can please with his new ability to send certain parts of himself abroad.

His lovely phallus, sheath, and balls have been reproduced for your repeated enjoyment. He’s only available in one perfectly proportioned size currently. The head is a bit smaller then our life-cast Silver toy, so he is a lovely size for everyone to enjoy!

Remember, Cody is our mascot… so he’s only available at!

Check out our other recent creations!

You’ll be swimming in a sea of lust from the moment this boy slides out of the box (or into yours, as it were). Starting out teasingly narrow…your eyes – as well as other parts of your body – will quickly begin to grow as this whale of a challenge makes his way into you. The wild textures and veins could only be surpassed by mother nature herself! Take the plunge – you won’t regret it! The Orca is available in two sizes – Large and Small. This toy is available exclusively at!
Don’t miss the Wuffamute Pup and Bartlebee sale – buy a Wuffamute Pup and get Bartlebee for $35 off! That’s two great toys for $100 total. Bartlebee is a life-cast toy and Wuffamute is a fantasy toy. The best of both worlds! Add both toys to your cart and the discount will be reflected in the second step of the checkout. Wuffamute is available exclusively at!

Orders can not be canceled once they have been placed, as each product is manufactured to order. Please place your orders with confidence.  Usually your toy will be manufactured within a few days of receiving your order, and it will be shipped immediately after manufacturing is complete.